Korean netizens react to the winners of the 2022 Genie Music Awards

The lineup of the winners of the 2022 Genie Music Awards

Singer of the Year: NCT DREAM
Album of the Year: NCT DREAM
Song of the Year: Lim Young Woong

Best Record: (G)I-DLE
Performing Artist: The Boyz, Red Velvet
Best New Male Artist: TEMPEST
Best New Female Artist: IVE
Best Male Group: BTS
Best Female Group: (G)I-DLE
Best Male Solo: Lim Young Woong
Best Female Solo: Taeyeon
Best Music Video: Red Velvet
Best Hip-Hop Artist: BE’O
Best Rock Artist: Jaurim
Best Pop Artist: Peder Elias
Next Generation: DKZ
New Wave Icon: LIGHTSUM, TNX
Next Generation Global Award: PSY
Global Popularity Award: BTS
Popularity Award: Lim Young Woong
Best Style: IVE

1. What is the ‘New Wave Icon’ award?

2. Does NCT have a conscience?

3. Should we investigate like Produce? Is this reasonable?

4. It’s just SM’s party

5. NCT????

6. SM Music Awards

7. Why was NCT Dream able to win Artist of the Year and Album of the Year?

8. Where is their conscience?

9. I don’t know what NCT’s song is, I know all the female idols’ songs

10. Artist of the Year… Album of the Year…?

11. So what song did NCT Dream sing this year?

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In what world is nct dream winning daesang over lyw, gidle, ive, taeyeon, IU like….tf???

Ive the real queens of kpop

Don’t include Queens IVE with these flop hags. They all are like nshitty.


sm paid the way

アグネス ⁷

They used to paved the way in 2nd gen era 😢

But I wasn’t done…

It gets more and more ridiculous. NCT D are shameless


yall saying sm paid for dream when they never acknowledged that unit and mostly got sidelined for years. fyi the criteria for daesang is physical+digital+sns votes (60%) and judges score (40%)

アグネス ⁷

I’ll be honest here.. LYW album sales, digital sales, and votes are overwhelming, especially votes. Those ahjummas are on another level, seriously.. even army as the biggest fandom rn is terrified when we must fight LYW on votes.. and sorry to say, If Army was struggling with LYW’s ahjumma fans, then there’s no other artist/fandom that can beat LYW, including your fav.

So in conclusion, your chance to beat LYW in this Genie award without ‘help’ is absolutely zero. I’m sorry.

Ive the real queens of kpop

That hag trot singer is a fraud like nshitty nightmares and 875. Only IVE deserve this year daesang and no one else.


no need to be sorry, you’re right


lol even if the judges score was added nct dream’s score was wayyy below lyw, bts, seventeen, iu, gidle, ive

Ive the real queens of kpop

Nshitty nightmares, hag trot singer, military enlistment 875, flopteen, no one cares about iu, hag idle deserved nothing only IVE did. Stop erasing Ive impact crazy person.

uhgood⁷ Sexy Nukim

So how old are you? Did your parents say they love you today?🤣


So Anon, if you know that’s the criterias, do the math between lyw & nct & let us know what’s the result

Last edited 4 months ago by guest

All i know is that RV and Tae deserved their awards. They had an amazing year!!!

Ive the real queens of kpop

Those flops deserved nothing only IVE did




i don’t even want to think what the nct dream boys are feeling lol they’re shameless if they think they rightfully deserve that award

Ive the real queens of kpop

Nshitty nightmares should feel embarrassed with 875 and 2wice. Cause these groups are real embarassment to kpop along with those beggar kids and floppinks. They should learn from IVE on how to be best group. Hope IVE wins grammy soon so these armchairs cry their eyes out while waiting for their oppas

アグネス ⁷

Wow, arrogant rookie fandom that think grammy is as easy as pooping your shits out.
Makes me want to support new jeans. At least they respect their sunbae who paved the way for them.


I think you might have gone too deep in that reality shifting trend on tiktok.


well they can’t do anything about it because that’s what their company gave them


This is why Melon and Genie are consistently losing members and unique listeners, while YouTube Music is consistently gaining market shares and subscribers.

Ive the real queens of kpop

Yeah cause grps like nshitty 875 2wice stand are ruining music. These grps should just disband what are they really doing in kpop but only making shit music. Thank God IVE debuted. They are the real queens who will rule and these award stealing flops can just cry.


I once read the comments from knetz that some of them moved to youtube because they’re so damn tired to see lim youngwoong songs always occupying most of genie & melon charts lol (and some bgs, but the only bgs charting for so long on those charts are only bigbang and bts)


Only IVE deserved this daesang no one else. Maybe queen bp but no one else. Not this award stealer hags nshitty, hags peeteeass, hag losers number girls, upcoming flop hybe ggps, hags idle, bully grp rv. These pathetic grps and their fans should bow to Ive and wonyoung for keeping k-pop on maps. Wonyoung is new Korea and China it girl. Rei is Japan it girl. That hag sana stanners should know who the real Japan it girl queen is and keep those beggars away from my rich girls. These pathetic beggar grp really love stealing and claiming IVE titles. Sana shy shy shy has no impact over rei gyaru and wonyoung already beating every hag groups away with single flick.

Yoo yaho

NcT : I do not care what you say .
Netizens a.k.a Fans A,b,c,d : Blah blah blah … *cries in the corner* LOL


Ofc they’re gonna do that, they’re shameless after all 😊


do what exactly? they never said that

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