Korean netizens react to the winners of the 2022 Genie Music Awards

The lineup of the winners of the 2022 Genie Music Awards

Singer of the Year: NCT DREAM
Album of the Year: NCT DREAM
Song of the Year: Lim Young Woong

Best Record: (G)I-DLE
Performing Artist: The Boyz, Red Velvet
Best New Male Artist: TEMPEST
Best New Female Artist: IVE
Best Male Group: BTS
Best Female Group: (G)I-DLE
Best Male Solo: Lim Young Woong
Best Female Solo: Taeyeon
Best Music Video: Red Velvet
Best Hip-Hop Artist: BE’O
Best Rock Artist: Jaurim
Best Pop Artist: Peder Elias
Next Generation: DKZ
New Wave Icon: LIGHTSUM, TNX
Next Generation Global Award: PSY
Global Popularity Award: BTS
Popularity Award: Lim Young Woong
Best Style: IVE

1. What is the ‘New Wave Icon’ award?

2. Does NCT have a conscience?

3. Should we investigate like Produce? Is this reasonable?

4. It’s just SM’s party

5. NCT????

6. SM Music Awards

7. Why was NCT Dream able to win Artist of the Year and Album of the Year?

8. Where is their conscience?

9. I don’t know what NCT’s song is, I know all the female idols’ songs

10. Artist of the Year… Album of the Year…?

11. So what song did NCT Dream sing this year?

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