Korean netizens seem to be trying to grab BTS V’s hair

Korean netizens seem to be trying to grab BTS V’s hair

There are a lot of posts criticizing V on Pann these days. Looks like everyone is trying to bash him for no reason

Here’s a new post on Pann saying that he doesn’t have basic manners

“V has no basic manners”

“Wearing shoes on the desk that everyone uses, this is not America”

Why are they bashing him just because he’s dating Jennie? He’s an idol, but he’s also human, he can date anyone if he wants to. Leave him alone

I hope people stop grabbing his hair

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I think the one grabbing his hair is you hybeboy, with your constant repost of the hate posts… Also the hate train in pann (the camping ground of antis and akgaes) did not start bc of the dating rumors, it has been going on since late last year and continues to this day, so stop making up narratives if you’re not informed.

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But I wasn’t done

And people like to claim Jennie is the one getting hate. She’s not getting nearly the amount of hate Tae is getting but she’s getting triple the coddling. Free Taehyung

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