Korean netizens talk about Aespa Ningning becoming a mentor on a Chinese TV show

Aespa Ningning will appear on Chinese TV as mentor of the show

Aespa Ningning is confirmed to serve as mentor on a Chinese TV Show ‘The Next Stage 2023’

This is her first appearance on a Chinese show since her debut

1. Let’s stop the Chinese from working in Korea

2. Ningning, who hasn’t even posted anything about China, but she seems to be criticized more than the other Chinese members

3. Aren’t the Chinese members of Seventeen also promoting in China?

4. She’s not even famous in Korea yet, but she became a mentor in another country

5. It would be better if the Chinese only promote in China and not in Korea, because Koreans can’t promote in China

6. Karina is the most popular in China, but they don’t let her do activities in China, is it because she’s Korean?

7. You guys are talking as if it’s Ningning’s fault that Korean idols can’t promote in China

8. These days, the Chinese members won’t leave the group even when they’re promoting in China

9. If you look at Seventeen, this time all the Chinese members have renewed their contracts

10. Ningning fighting

11. I feel sorry for Ningning, she was criticized for being Chinese

12. That’s why she opened her Weibo account

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