Korean netizens talk about idols who are good at dancing

Let me know which idols you think are good at dancing!!

I’m learning dance, so I’ll do my best to reference their dances

1. It’s Yeonjun

2. J-Hope, his dance is crazy

3. Juyeon

4. Lee Gikwang

5. Haerin

6. Yeonjun and Yeji

7. NCT Mark, Shotaro

8. Jisung / Lisa

9. Seulgi

10. Chungha, Chaeyeon, Seulgi

11. Lee Gikwang and Taemin

12. Moon Bin

13. J-Hope, Jimin, Seulgi

14. Taemin, Shotaro

15. Taemin

16. Hoshi

17. Hoshi, Jisung, Kai // Seulgi, Lisa

18. Moon Bin, Seulgi

19. Yeonjun, Seulgi

20. Niki, Hoshi, Lisa, Momo, Kyujin, Seulgi

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