Korean netizens talk about TWICE unit Misamo ‘Marshmallow’ MV

TWICE unit Misamo ‘Marshmallow’ M/V

Track #3 “Marshmallow”

First Japanese mini album ‘Masterpiece’
Title song – Do not touch
On Wednesday, July 26

1. Are there only Japanese songs? Mina is seriously so pretty

2. The song is good, all three are so pretty

3. I want Misamo to debut in Korea

4. Oh the song is better than I thought

5. Why is Mina so pretty? I was surprised

6. Momo’s voice is so good!!!! I like the song too

7. Momo’s deep rapping voice is so good

8. The song is good and the MV is good too

9. Wow, but TWICE doesn’t really rest…….?

10. Momo’s voice suits Japanese songs so well…

11. Mina’s face is crazy

12. I think they sing better when they sing in their native language

13. Mina’s voice is really good

14. Wow, even though it’s a b-side song, the quality is crazy

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