Korean netizens think that BLACKPINK Jennie will be a good actress

Jennie’s new perfume ad is unique and cool


There’s even an action scene at the end, Jennie’s acting is so good

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[+129, -71]

1. [+45, -13] Jennie should shoot an American drama with this kind of aura, her acting is good, she’ll be a good actress

2. [+40, -10] I was so shocked when I watched it. Especially when she opened the door with her back, her expression was amazing

3. [+39, -13] Jennie seems to be good at acting..

4. [+34, -6] No, but looking at Jennie flying in the sky… It must have been scary

5. [+24, -7] She looks mature now, I like this aura

6. [+11, -3] She seems to use her body so well, no matter what she does, she does it well. I think her acting is good

7. [+8, -2] Her acting is better than I thought

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Sorry I’m just laughing at “knet” comments. “Using her body well” lol I’m sure she is. Acting….she has one facial expression and uts 무표정 or resting btch face. Ibswear ppl hype the most mediocre things


so true


“she seems to use her body so well” She uses her body to send bathtub photos to GD so not really


You mean to V whos probably your bias and self proclaimed boyfriend. Too bad you’re such a cheap whore that V wont bother to look at even if you happen to be naked in front of him.


Its still fishy how the photos get surfaced only when Bp has an imp schedule I think it’s to give bp more attention 🙂

And Jennie is like a gold digger 🙁 she liked Gdragon when he was famous
And Kai when exo was in peak. And BTS V because he is global icon i personally think she’s only after people with fame and her relationship with other members seems so fake af 🙂


better than her acting in Paradise City CF

But I wasn’t done

Knetz need to give it up. Jennifer is not even a good idol let alone an actress. Lazy and stiff


Why are the comments so stupid? The only people who commented were people with such low self-esteem that the only way they find to be relevant is to describe themselves when they mention Jennie. In short Jennie it girl


Her acting skills are amazing??? Lol best joke 😂 it’s just the BLINKS who hype her every single time even if it sucks 🤓 sometimes you need to accept truth even tho if it’s not what you’ve wanted

Her expression is so blank where did you even find the quality of actress ??

She’s just fed with golden spoon by YG I’m not a blink but I guess Lisa is way more better 🙂

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