Korean solo artists who sold over 2 million copies with an album in history

Lee Moon Sae (1987)
Yoo Jae Ha (1987)
Byun Jin Sub (1989)
Kim Hyun Sik (1991)
Kim Gun Mo (1995)
Jo Kwan Woo (1995)
Shin Seung Hun (1996)
Kim Jong Hwan (1996)
Jo Sung Mo (1999)
V (2023) 🆕

1. Wow V is so cool

2. Wow, V is so cool. This was the first time since 2000. He’s amazing

3. Oh V is amazing

4. Wow…. Look at the lineup

5. It seems like V is writing K-pop history

6. The lineup is amazing

7. It was surprising that Jo Kwan Woo was also in that lineup

8. V’s fandom is so solid

9. He set a new record after 24 years, V is amazing

10. Congratulations to V!

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