Koreans are shocked after seeing Jungkook in the top 10 most mentioned people on social media around the 2022 Qatar World Cup

Top 10 most mentioned people on social media around the 2022 Qatar World Cup

1 Lionel Messi
2 Cristiano Ronaldo
3 Kylian Mbappe
4 Jungkook
5 Neymar
6 Fahad Al Kubaisi
7 Gianni Infantino
8 Luis Enrique
9 Grant Wahl
10 Julián Álvarez

1. Jungkook is amazing

2. Their Jungkook is amazing

3. Wow Jungkook is there

4. Really? Is he BTS Jungkook?

5. It’s amazing that Jungkook is 4th

6. Wow, I’m really proud of Jungkook

7. Jungkook next to Messi, Ronaldo, and Mbappe, daebak

8. Jungkook is in between Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappe and Neymar

9. Jeon Jungkook is not only a Korean star but also a world star

10. The lineup is crazy

11. He’s not even a soccer player, but Jungkook is amazing

12. Wow, among the World Cup soccer stars, Jungkook is amazing

13. Wow.. among legendary soccer players, Jungkook is daebak

14. Jungkook is daebak

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WhatsThe Point

They act like he’s not part of the biggest group. Newsflash sk, BTS and their members are not nugu

Dot com

Jungkook along side football GOATs bc he’s a GOAT himself, so proud

Teenaged puppy

Why is this so hilarious to me 🤣🤣


V akgae being bitter as always.

Teenaged puppy

Y’all are so sensitive. I guess because jk akgaes know how immature they are towards the other members accomplishments. So quick to label things as a hit against your fave.

I meant it was hilarious because he was the only singer among athletes on the list, it seems. I like all the bts members not just V weirdos🥴


You only like V, it’s obvious. And even with that explanation, I can still smell the bitterness. Is your other name Shug? 🤔 coz the timing of your replies are sus

Teenaged puppy

You can think what you want. Give me proof of me hating jk or any other members I’d love to see it. Never said anything bad about Jungkook. I bias Vmin but still love the rest. Any bitterness is because yawl sensitive over anything not overly obvious a praise.

Not Shug lol but I did have another account I changed because someone was using my name either on purpose or accidentally. Folks post close in time a lot I mean you responded to me quickly. I’m I talking to myself???


I respond quickly because I received notification lol I know you are always under BTS post. I didn’t say anything about you hating other members only said you like V. Now that I know your bias is vmin…yikes. Double bitterness.

Teenaged puppy

Clearly you said I “only” stan V as a way to support your solo accusations of me not liking the other members. It heavily implies I don’t like the other boys. Don’t backtrack.

Of course I’m always under BTS post… I’m fucking army so where else should I be????

Jk akgaes say shit like “Vmin… yikes” unprovoked and then wonder why people find y’all insufferable. Grow up.


You’re a vmin akgae, not army. I don’t see you saying anything nice about other members. Funny how vmin akgaes always think everyone who went against them are jk akgaes. I don’t even have a bias. Also you and shug? One hour interval this time. Very subtle. 😏

Teenaged puppy

I’m the akgae but you’re the one with an obvious vendetta against Vmin. At first I was a v akgae and now that you find out I bias Jimin I’m magically his akgae too? I bias Yoongi too… am I his akgae as well 😂 ? You literally think I hate Jungkook only because I biased Vmin (information that I gave you myself). All this because you’re too dumb to use weighted thought on my initial post and assumed I was throwing shade because jk akgaes like any other akgae like to play victim.

just be saying anything to suit your narrative. You are the jk akgae who never is seen on any other members post so fuck out my face with this bull shit. Projecting because you know exactly how you freaks operate. My balls big enough to say if I fuck with someone and if I don’t. None of y’all scare me. If I hated any member you’d know.

Gorl…. If you were a good detective you would know user shug is a v stan only and has shredded Jimin too. Like you’re very dumb. Like frontal lobe has gone dark, stupid.
Only fads you seen me troll is them BP and BB hags

Keep keeping up with my posts, I enjoy the fan behavior

Last edited 5 months ago by Teenaged puppy

hol’ up… when did i ever dunk on Jimin??? they don’t even post about Jimin enough for him to get swung on. don’t lie on me because that bitch being retarded over some jk solo shit.

why am i even on yawl mind like???


See… now why am I in it? I ain’t even said nothing. always dragging my name in shit.


Is he bts Jung kook ?
No he’s Kim Jung kook


That’s Jeon Jungkook


Kim ? Lmao
Keep crying coz he is still a member of k-pop group and people only know him because of his ” BTS members” privilege

Last edited 5 months ago by ItGirlJennie

and Jennifer is only known as the laziest member among them


Wack em again for me.


the gurl in your @ would be a dust in the air of kpop industry without teddy & you here in the main pop boy’s business.i wonder why you even talk about BTS when anything you say about them will automatically set your faves up.


Oh not a Seoul Cycle stan 💀


Are Koreans always so shocked over things that involve any BTS members? 😅


We won’t know because nobody will ever make history like jungkook did


Yeah, sure ijbol


See when you’re the main character.

I hope karmy can get their act together and stream like they used to for these solos. I-army don’t hold them to any standard when it comes to voting or streaming but are the first ones to bark up US army butt for not achieving something. Like show them the same energy so we can bag these solo awards and more records ffs

I had to vent real quick

But I was done…

It’ll never happen. Iarmy worship karmy and will never call them out for anything. Same with the big OT7 accounts that are clearly shady.

For the streaming we can just continue to break records internationally because karmy are hopeless.


at this point, i’m surprised why koreans are always “surprised” to see bts in worldwide charts. are they living under the stones?

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