Koreans share their thoughts on (G)I-DLE ‘Nxde’ MV

(G)I-DLE – ‘Nxde’ Official Music Video

1. Wow, I was expecting a lot but the song is so goodㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Soyeon did it

2. How can you not like the song?….ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The song is crazy

3. The song was a bit disappointing for me but Shuhua has improved a lot

4. The song is worse than I thought…

5. The concept is good but the song is bad

6. Wow, the middle part of Miyeon and Shuhua is so good

7. I really like the color of the music videoㅋㅋㅋ

8. The song itself seems weaker than Tomboy, but the concept, MV, and message are all good

9. The MV and concept are so good, I think I should listen to the song a bit more

10. Shuhua really stands out this time

11. I hope someone can explain the concept of music video

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The song gave me a headache and the lyrics are so so bad soyeon is over doing it nowadays


The song is so damn good! More importantly the message behind it is so heartwarming


what is the message?


I don’t like the song personally but it has a good meaning and I appreciate the creativity they poured in this song and also the MV.


I hate that they mentioned the word dumb when dressed up as Marilyn Monroe like she’s already made fun of so many times can’t they lay off her? People keep calling her a dumb blonde even though she tried hard not to be stereotyped. So disrespectful honestly. And the song isn’t even good enough to justify the disrespect.


Smh soyeon was right, this is one prime example of someone who don’t think outside box lmao 🤣 go read their interviews and digest the lyrics properly noob


People are not always gonna look at the behind the scenes, specially casual listeners. You can’t expect everyone to watch the MV then immediately look for their interviews lmao. Anyways, the song sucked even with that explanation.


You dont need to even look behind the scene the lyrics ACTUALLY is about women empowerment. If u don’t get it, maybe u are slow learner lol bcs so many others had seen the message.

I can feel some fans of other groups are feeling threatened at the attention this song is getting so they are leaving nonsense comments like this to stain 🙂


It’s literally the opposite, what are you talking about?


This song doesn’t even make sense just like most of soyeons rap. Their music have gone downhill after ‘I burn’ album. I don’t care how successful tomboy was. The song was a letdown compared to their prior releases.


Said someone who has zero taste lol koreans are jamming to it, your opinion is irrelevant 🤣


If my opinion is irrelevant, why are you being so defensive about it? I also noticed you being butthurt in every single comment here. It actually makes you seem pathetic. People are entitled to their own opinions you know.


Bcs i want to irritate people who think their opinion is so relevant hehehehe 🤣🤣


Yeah, you are irritating, just like the song.


The song is a total downgrade from Tomboy. Even My Bag is better. What a disappointment. At least they MV is good.


I bet you were shitting on tomboy too last time


Oh trust me I dont. But I like My Bag more. This song kinda bad & you just hve to live with that


Yea, bad song is topping chart at the moment lmfao


Its still bad, topping or not


I’m a casual listener and tend to like their songs but the second I her soyeon’s part in the teaser I knew it …

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They probably dont need a casual listener like u, back off, there are many others who appreciate soyeon’s talent


Lmao you’re so invested, it’s so funny. Get a life lmao.


why are you throwing a tantrum like I cursed them out? 🤨



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The song is ok, but the girls all looks so pretty 😊😊

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