Kpop fans involve family in fan wars

BLACKPINK’S Lisa’s mother had always been supportive and active on social media.

Just recently a shipper of V from BTS and blackpink’s Lisa posted on their story “Lisa’s mom liked my comment” regarding their ship.

Lisa’s mom is known to like many comments on her Instagram and does not pay much mind to it.It is also not the first time someone has edited a picture to make it look like her mother liked the comment.

Recently a popular troll account posted a tweet saying her mother liked a hate tweet of the male idol which was obviously not true but fans took it seriously and justified their behaviour knowing it is false.

This caused even more hate.

Nonetheless the shippers are used to editing pictures and spreading false information to fit their ship and the ‘proof’ provided could be edited as well as it has been done so before in other ships.

Either way it is no excuse for fandoms to be throwing racist and vile remarks towards idols and especially not their families.

Lisa’s mother’s Instagram comments have been flooded with hate comments with over 100 of likes.

Some of them calling her mother and her a ‘Thai m____” and misgendering Lisa and her mother.They have also been mentioning her father.Even mentioning death.

The stereotypical racial attacks have also been said on twitter and many users have been justifying the behaviour because of fan wars.

Fans of the bts member have called Lisa’s mother ‘obsessed’ and a ‘freak’ for simply going to a bts concert and wearing merchandise like many other fans do as well.There is nothing wrong with the two groups and their families showing support for each other as the rivalry between the two only goes on between fandoms.

Lisa’s family has also gone to many other kpop concerts held in Thailand before like usual kpop fans do.

False information has been spread causing people to justify the actions.

Lisa’s friends did not attend a shippers party for her birthday and had planned her party all by themselves.It is once again the words of delusional shippers that were used to drag the member and her family.

Fan wars have gone too far to the point such things are justified because “this one said this” or “this one said that” .

Never should you ever involve family into the discussion. 

No matter what was said,racist and xenophobia can never be justified.

Both fandoms need to learn to respect one another.