Kpop fans involve family in fan wars

BLACKPINK’S Lisa’s mother had always been supportive and active on social media.

Just recently a shipper of V from BTS and blackpink’s Lisa posted on their story “Lisa’s mom liked my comment” regarding their ship.

Lisa’s mom is known to like many comments on her Instagram and does not pay much mind to it.It is also not the first time someone has edited a picture to make it look like her mother liked the comment.

Recently a popular troll account posted a tweet saying her mother liked a hate tweet of the male idol which was obviously not true but fans took it seriously and justified their behaviour knowing it is false.

This caused even more hate.

Nonetheless the shippers are used to editing pictures and spreading false information to fit their ship and the ‘proof’ provided could be edited as well as it has been done so before in other ships.

Either way it is no excuse for fandoms to be throwing racist and vile remarks towards idols and especially not their families.

Lisa’s mother’s Instagram comments have been flooded with hate comments with over 100 of likes.

Some of them calling her mother and her a ‘Thai m____” and misgendering Lisa and her mother.They have also been mentioning her father.Even mentioning death.

The stereotypical racial attacks have also been said on twitter and many users have been justifying the behaviour because of fan wars.

Fans of the bts member have called Lisa’s mother ‘obsessed’ and a ‘freak’ for simply going to a bts concert and wearing merchandise like many other fans do as well.There is nothing wrong with the two groups and their families showing support for each other as the rivalry between the two only goes on between fandoms.

Lisa’s family has also gone to many other kpop concerts held in Thailand before like usual kpop fans do.

False information has been spread causing people to justify the actions.

Lisa’s friends did not attend a shippers party for her birthday and had planned her party all by themselves.It is once again the words of delusional shippers that were used to drag the member and her family.

Fan wars have gone too far to the point such things are justified because “this one said this” or “this one said that” .

Never should you ever involve family into the discussion. 

No matter what was said,racist and xenophobia can never be justified.

Both fandoms need to learn to respect one another.

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Ladyboy lisa

Kinda understand her ex husband 😔


These are clapbacks to Blinks giving 1k likes to tweets calling Taehyung slurs over what her mother did. When will Blinks learn to call out their own fandom instead of playing the victim?

And we all know if it was a BTS member’s family who liked BP posts, Blinks would never shut up about it and use it to drag the boys, the same way they still bring up that accidental follow a year later.

Last edited 5 months ago by Milla13

And you think all the nasty comments made about Taehyung when her mother was the one who liked those tweets okay? Go criticize those who started shit first.


Blinks hype the racist trolls in their fandom giving them thousands of likes and followers, and when they eventually get their girls dragged they start crying…


Tbh I hate when armies use racist remarks to drag her. Being tae stan, I will never approve that. You can see big Tae accounts being completely against this as well.
Both blinks and army’s look for opportunities to drag each other and its getting boring. Just be nice, it’s not that hard.


Why are you even getting dislikes?? Its like the hate some armys have for the girls is bigger than the love they have for the boys

Last edited 5 months ago by Guest

Lmao I really don’t know.


There’s no such thing as “tae fan” it’s only ARMY. Those solos who say they only stan Taehyung (or any other BTS member) aren’t his fans. They are just obsessed friendless freaks who are delusional asf. Taehyung fans are only ARMY. And again, none of this would have happened if they just focused on their ratatatata boomboom dududu bs instead of obsessing over Taehyung.

It is what it is

bitches lie over jungkook going to their fav flop concert, but get scandalized when we point out how her mom is obsessed with BTS, especially Jk and tae.

It’s not a casualty that lisa’s friends and family have tons of evidence of being or supporting liskook shippers, cant her mom even read the comments? it’s not the first time she fuels shippers delusions, it almost seems on purpose to create clout for her daughter, disgusting.

No BTS family has been involved in sht like this, BP should learn a couple of things aside from giving a proper performance.

Color color stan

A blink just admitted lisa’s mom is a homophobe and liked a comment calling taehyung a slur and blinks want respect. the self-victimization of this fandom is hilarious.


shippers complaining of shippers hehehe

WhatsThe Point

Bold coming from blinks to not involve families when they have been bringing tae’s grandma in fanwars since forever


Honestly, this is very hypocritical. A blink made this post and totally ignored one side of this situation.

BlackPink fans were yet again making vile posts about Taehyung’s grandmother but ofc you people won’t add that. They s*ut shamed his mother but u won’t talk about it coz he’s a men.
Women calling out women and men hating women is two different things.
Blink is a fandom filled with misogynist white/men it’s 1000× more vile when these men in their “mean girl” era who use BP pics in their pfp s*ut shame and make rpe jokes on every non-blackpink women.

Y’all only care about Xenophobia and racism when it’s about ur favs. Where were these posts when one of Lisa’s friend made Xenophobia comments on Taehyung? BLINKs are by far the most vile, hypocritical and dumb fandom I’ve ever seen. I’m so serious rn. BlackPink really make music for dumb gay/white tw¡nks who are in their “bad girl” era.
None of these “hAtE pOsT oN mY piNkS fOr nO rEaSoN🥺😭” would have happened if y’all would have just focused on ur daily dose of Teddy’s edm ‘ratatattata boomboom’ instead of obsessing over BTS.


Our twink blinks shouldn’t fuck around if they don’t wanna find out

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