LE SSERAFIM and IVE will appear on Japan’s ‘Kōhaku Uta Gassen’

LE SSERAFIM and IVE will appear on ‘Kōhaku Uta Gassen’


1. The roles of IZ*ONE members and Japanese members must be so important

2. I’m not surprised

3. Because they are Korean-Japanese girl groups

4. LE SSERAFIM hasn’t even debuted in Japan yet, but they’ll be on ‘Kōhaku Uta Gassen’, they’re amazing

5. But LE SSERAFIM hasn’t even debuted in Japan yet, so Sakura’s influence must be huge

6. I’m not even surprised, I feel like they are the best female K-Pop idols and they always try their bestㅋㅋ

7. I’m looking forward to LE SSERAFIM’s stage

8. Is it because they have Japanese members?

9. LE SSERAFIM hasn’t even officially debuted in Japan yet

10. Then can’t we see them at the year-end awards ceremony in Korea? ㅠㅠ

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Jon Xina

LSF can’t even chart in Japan…well done Hybe..congrats lol.


You must be blind


Japanese netizens’ reactions to this have been mainly negative. It was all over Yahoo news (Japan’s leading news site) and Twitter. They don’t know the groups (except Sakura) or any of their songs and are questioning their appearance.

And no, this isn’t about Japanese people being “Anti-Korean” because the same J-netizens say BTS and TWICE should be invited instead.

Last edited 10 months ago by Guest

yahoo news reported that twice will be attending. it will be their 4th appearance if it’s true. also saw a japanese comment that even if some japanese don’t like kpop, they still know twice so it’s ok if twice will attend. but they don’t want other korean groups except twice. (referring to ive and lesserafim


Right, I just saw the reactions online. They’re saying TWICE is the only K-Pop group among the participants that deserved their invitation.

The most embarrassing thing is J-IVE fans trying to defend their participation in the Yahoo comments. Have some shame and just take the L.


they shoud’ve just defended their faves without mentioning twice


Last edited 10 months ago by winter

IVE and LE SSERAFIM deserve the backlash they’re getting because they’ve objectively not earned their invitations. Kohaku is about celebrating and honoring Japan’s most beloved artists and songs.


Japanese netizen are okay with LE SSERAFIM after realising that it is Miyawaki Sakura’s group. This will be her 5th appearance already, more than TWICE


Ok and? The comments are still saying “Who is this group?”, “I’ve never heard of them.”, “I don’t know any of their music.”

Also, her other 4 appearances were all thanks to AKB.


She fled to Korea because she knew she had no future in Japan as an HKT member. She “graduated” without winning the Senbatsu Election once lol even Jurina managed to get #1


tell the lsf fans that. kkura would not last 2-3 more yrs, & would not become a hashimoto anyway. even sashihara/ maeda are not inoues/ hashimotos/ kitagawas.

but the lsf fans go around pretending sakura was some brad pitt when akb’s heyday was a decade ago & kkura became an ‘ace’ more than half a kpop cycle after it’s peak. reality is kkura would have became the nameless nugus working in cafes or becoming a 20 y.o. mom on tokyohive only for welcoming a child. it was hybe or nothing after 2-3 yr.

Jon Xina

All of her groups flopped in Japan and have 0 impact with the public, please stop this delusion anyone in Japan knows or gives a shit about Sakura…they don’t.


Japanese is mad because of these two got invited


Should’ve just invited bts & twice

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