LE SSERAFIM Chaewon and Aespa Winter, who are often mentioned by foreign fans because of their similar features

1. Since they’re foreigners, they probably can’t distinguish Asian faces

2. What? I guess foreigners can’t tell them apart because of their hairstyle

3. For foreigners, they look alike

4. I like them both because they’re similar in that they’re both good on stage with short hairㅋㅋ

5. They don’t look alike, but for foreigners, they look alike because of their hair?

6. Isn’t it because they both have cute images?

7. They don’t look alike at all, but foreigners can’t tell them apart because they have short hair

8. They really don’t look alike at all

9. I don’t know the two of them, so they look alike

10. Their hair is the same, but their faces… eyes, nose and mouth are so different

11. Whenever I see Winter, she looks like Park Jihoon

12. For foreigners, they look alike because they have big eyes, double eyelids and short hair

13. They don’t even look alike except for their hair

14. Their face shapes and features are all different, especially the nose

15. Is it because they have the same hair?

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Do they think we are that dense like cmon now? Its annoying when people let their prejudiced biases get in the way of context? Who is saying they are 1:1 clones?

They have similar auras, yes, but they don’t look alike nobody is saying they look exactly alike.


Chaewon debuted first and has Bob cut first. She looks cuter

Winter nose too plastic and gangnam unnie look

Lazy Banana

Chaewon has facial expressions tho lmao


i’ve never heard anyone say that lol i feel like OP just wanted to compare them and blamed it on foreign fans loool


one is ugly but at least keeping her real nose, one is ugly and plastic

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