LE SSERAFIM Eunchae, Kazuha x BTS Jimin ‘UNFORGIVEN’ challenge

1. Everyone is cute and good at dancing

2. So cute, Jimin’s dance is so pretty

3. The choreography is harder than I thought ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Jimin-ah, please dance more girl group choreography..

4. I didn’t know, but Eunchae dances well

5. Why is Jimin so cute?

6. Jimin is so cute and he dances well, Eunchae, Kazuha also dances well

7. Seeing Jimin dance girl group choreography is so interesting

8. They’re all cute, but why is Jimin so shy in the center?

9. Jimin kept his promise, Eunchae danced well too.. Everyone is cute, it’s a video that makes me feel comfortable

10. Jimin is so sweet

11. Eunchae dances so well

12. He dances well, but isn’t he cute?

13. Park Jimin’s dance is really cool

14. Park Jimin is so cute, he’s good at dancing too

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The way they ended it was really cute~


wonder if they shoot one with Hoseok and Yoongi


One thing about Jimin is that he never backs out of his word, cutie. Feels wrong to call them btssera crumbs anymore, these are full on meals 😭 Love it here


Why does he look 40


Why are you obsessed with him? 🤨


He’s such a bad dancer
Didn’t even try


Well let’s compare your fav and him lol


the way your username makes everything you say funnier

dot com bubble

So brave behind a keyboard when everyone here knows you’re jobless behind your broken phone while Jimin earns more than your net worth every minute 💅


Why is he looking like a loser

dot com bubble

-Your mom when she saw you come out of her, wishing she used a condom.


I begin to think he is not a main dancer. Maybe it is just Jhope all along.

dot com bubble

The video was so cute but of course jobless losers are really camping out here on a harmless post. McDonald’s is hiring janitors.

I like giving Jimin blowjob

This ahjussi still want to be relevant and try to coerced younger girls.

Color color stan

Why are you describing yourself here 🤨 fbi be knocking on your door rn

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