LE SSERAFIM fans send protest trucks in front of the HYBE building

LE SSERAFIM fans send protest trucks in front of the HYBE building

“Protect LE SSERAFIM, request specific denunciation results”

“Warn the management company, it is necessary to protect the members. Source Music neglected their duties. Who will protect LE SSERAFIM?”

“Don’t drag innocent artists into what the board of directors has done. Take responsibility and solve it!”

1. If I were a fan, I would drive a truck and crash into the office

2. I wonder what they are doing behind the members

3. Please protect singers and don’t use them as a shield

4. The malicious comments are really harsh… I was so worried when I saw those comments on Instagram even though I’m not a fan

5. There are so many malicious comments that cross the line that I’m really worried about the artists

6. That’s right, they don’t protect artists, they just work hard to protect themselves

7. I like LE SSERAFIM, but I’m so disappointed with what the company is doing, I don’t feel they are doing anything for the members

8. Have you ever seen HYBE protect an artist?

9. It seems like they’re using them as a shield instead of protecting the artists

10. LE SSERAFIM fighting!!

11. It seems they have no intention of protecting artists

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