LE SSERAFIM got 1st place on Music Core

1. LE SSERAFIM also didn’t go to MBC?

2. Well, their activities are over, but they’re still #1

3. Congratulations to LE SSERAFIM!

4. 26 points, I feel sorry for Red Velvet

5. Wow Nxde is still a candidate

6. LE SSERAFIM is amazing

7. I like this song

8. Looks like the fans are working hard

9. I listen to this song every day

10. The generation of female idols has changed

11. Wow, but (G)I-DLE is still a candidate, daebak

12. Wow, LE SSERAFIM is amazing!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

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Lazy Banana

1. LE SSERAFIM also didn’t go to MBC?

Yeah, Hybe has a beef with MBC MuCore’s PD because the PD was very petty and removed TXT and Gfriend from the lineup when BTS didn’t attend their year-end show.

Jennie is ho

People really don’t talk much how flopped red velvet is….maybe they were never a big group


flopped = wildflower nowhere on chart


wild flower is in the top 100. red velvet’s new song is the true no chart lol try again anti


Top 100 where? on mars?


melon top 100. bts really be living in y’all mind rent free even in unrelated articles i see. the reason they will never flop lol

Jennie is ho

😭😭 the audacity, fr i think red velvet is the worst group from big companies (still active). They always relay on domestic charts only but seems this comeback show it’s gone 🤣🤣🤣


I can’t say they’re flopped, they popularity always depend on their comeback song. When they comeback with masterpiece song such a psycho it’ll be easy for them to dominate again


Lmao let’s not be dumb. “Feel My Rhythm” was also released this year and it did pretty well.


But LSF without Hybe isn’t famous , LSF is a joke


“wow nxde is still a candidate” they literally released nxde at the same day as antifragile lol


yeah they want to make it look like that song is from months ago lol


Hybe paid the way like their first win against LYW


Why would Hybe pay a show they have a beef with? Istg, yall have no brain cells


why would hybe pay mbc who they literally have beef with you dumbass.
‘antifragile promotions have been over for weeks and they’re still at the top of the charts


The song is good, the lyrics are great and the choreo is fire! I’m glad they won against such strong opponents. 


Lyrics are great? i know you’re lying


Yes, the lyrics are good. They talk about female empowerment in a positive way, without having to call other women bitches or brag about how you have more money than others and blah, blah, blah. 


Yesterday itzy won. But there’s no article. Didn’t know hybe also doing Payola like kakao


Itzy released a new song recently, Antifragile was released a few months back. That’s the difference

Last edited 9 months ago by Usernamenotfound404

The difference is that hybe mediaplay their winning like they just won a grammy


Isn’t this the group that had a controversy because they ‘beat’ a historical singer in Korea? This is a joke, look at the score. Hybe bought the prize LSF . This is embarrassing. This is funny.

Last edited 9 months ago by lucy
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