LE SSERAFIM Hong Eunchae stuns netizens with her first solo pictorial

‘Elle’ LE SSERAFIM Hong Eunchae releases first solo pictorial

1. She’s so cute

2. The first picture is the uniform of the Argentina national team?

3. She’s cute, pretty and fresh…

4. I don’t know how she can smile like that, it’s so cute

5. At first, I didn’t care about her, but he’s super cute, pretty, talented and lovely

6. She’s so cute when she smiles

7. She’s so pretty, but there’s “baby” written on her face

8. The pictorial taken is very suitable for Eunchae’s image

9. Her smile is so beautiful and refreshing

10. She’s so sweet and cute

11. The third picture is so cute

12. She looks like a sunflower

13. Eunchae is so pretty and cute ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

14. Eunchae is the best these days ㅠㅠ

15. She’s so cute. I wish it was my daughter… I’m jealous of Eunchae’s mom and dad..

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Is this group want to be the next model group or what? Their articles are all about being model


Their performance is among the top of 4th gen group tho, so even if they choose to pursue fashion on the side, they are still lehit idol group


??? Most of their article are about their performances and dance


Can’t be helped bcs their first debut song used “model” as a theme and most of their articles are about they are the best 4th generation gg in the term of performance


HYBE is trying to make the BP from the 4th gen with them so this kinda makes sense


thank god le sserafim has far better talent and stage presences as performer than midpink


She’s so cute 😭 I’m glad people are taking more interest in her bc Eunchae is really talented

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