LE SSERAFIM Huh Yunjin referenced BLACKPINK Jisoo’s style?

LE SSERAFIM Huh Yunjin references Jisoo’s style

Jisoo made it famous by tying ribbons like that, as expected, BLACKPINK’s influence is amazing

[+71, -94]

1. [+73, -67] This style was already popular back then, but Jisoo made it more popular and it’s just the truth.. I’m not even a fan but let’s admit it

2. [+65, -12] Honestly, this is legendary

3. [+65, -60] ??? This is a common style in romantic fantasy, this is my first time hearing that Jisoo made it popular

4. [+48, -29] What is this bull$hit?

5. [+44, -29] Whether Jisoo made it popular or not, whenever I see that style, I immediately think of Jisoo. That means Jisoo’s ability to digest concepts and her influences are insane..

6. [+8, -8] BLACKPINK fans are crazy

7. [+7, -15] It suits her perfectly

8. [+6, -6] But honestly, when I look at the styles of female idols, there are a lot of styles that I think BLACKPINK started them, especially Jennieㅋㅋ She’s a superstar

9. [+6, -4] But even if Jisoo didn’t make it popular, honestly Jisoo suits it the best

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pannkpop you need to do something with the bots in the comments 👤

Teenaged puppy

Imagine thinking jizzoo influenced anything but being a dozen


Their fan at kside are kinda crazy like international side. Have the disease of claiming everything started by their fav lol. Whats next? Bp member is the one who started to wear lens? Lol


theyre obsessed and think everything has been started by their fav, specially jennie stans lol


I saw this style in anime , in Japanese school movies in lot of places . when I see this style I specially think of Japanese girl . Used to tie my hair like that when I was in highschool. What the fuck is wrong with knetizen . Does Korea have any therapist cause they all need to check in.

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