LE SSERAFIM just performed the stage as a 5-member group in Japan


1. I guess they are so popular in Japan

2. They have 5 members which is much better

3. Huh Yunjin is seriously pretty

4. I was so excited, I watched the live broadcast yesterday and found Kim Chaewon so cute and Kazuha so charming

5. I think Huh Yunjin will be so popular in Japan. She’s so pretty and talented

6. Kim Chaewon, why is she so pretty?

7. Wow Huh Yunjin is the prettiest I have ever seen. Now seeing this, looks like the Japanese like her too

8. I’m so jealous of Kazuha’s abs ㅠㅜㅜ She’s really pretty

9. Wow, they’re really good on stage, they don’t look like rookies

10. The 5 members are all stable and all pretty, Huh Yunjin is especially pretty, and Kazuha seems to be performing well

11. They’re all pretty and cute~ Nice outfits and good expressions!

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