LE SSERAFIM members show off their visuals on their way to Japan

LE SSERAFIM departure pictures + Preview


Kim Chaewon

Huh Yunjin


Hong Eunchae

Going to Japan to attend the AAA Awards Ceremony

1. Huh Yunjin is crazy

2. Wow.. Sakura’s face is crazy.. so pretty..

3. Yunjin is a hot girl..

4. They are all pretty

5. I’m curious about Yunjin’s coat info, she’s so pretty

6. Everyone is so pretty

7. Kazuha is so pretty

8. Everyone is so pretty, but Sakura’s knee is bruised

9. Wow, how are they all so pretty?

10. Eunchae’s expression is so cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11. Yunjin is so cool…

12. I was wondering who Eunchae looks like, but she looks like Jeon Somin!!!!

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