LE SSERAFIM shows that their fandom’s gender ratio is perfect

Gender proportion of LE SSERAFIM’s fan meeting

They have more female fans

1. Wow this gender proportion is perfect

2. I think their concept is aimed at female fans, but they have more male fans than I thought

3. So they are not more popular with men?

4. I hope they get more female fans

5. They have more male fans than I thought. I think they mostly have female fans

6. This gender proportion is good

7. These days, all women love LE SSERAFIM…

8. This is the golden ratio

9. Isn’t it the golden ratio? Good

10. They have more male fans than I thought. I think they are aimed at female fans

11. Their gender proportion is perfect

12. I thought they had more male fansㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Because of Kim Chaewon

13. Because they have Kim Chaewon and Sakura

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Chaewon is popular with the lesbians

I've yujin

Shes always been loved by women
Chaewon is the most gay member even in izone


Perfectly male gaze


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Saint Seungri

where is non-binary percentage

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