LE SSERAFIM was criticized for getting to go to the concert for free and showing it off

Must be nice to be LE SSERAFIM, they go to concerts for free all the time

I already got to go to the concert for free, and now they’re showing it off on their Instagram story

[+436, -62]

1. [+294, -26] Bruno Mars performed his songs live, so I hope they learned that from him~

2. [+258, -35] Whether it’s YouTube Shorts or TikTok, they’ve shot way too f*cking many of them

3. [+219, -37] They’re always wearing a bra as a top all the time and showing them around

4. [+172, -30] This group has f*cking too many controversies

5. [+74, -6] Why did they do that?

6. [+70, -7] LE SSERAFIM performing in front of the Rising Sun Flagㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+51, -12] Big Hit is crazy. GFriend was abandoned because of them..

8. [+47, -8] Member manipulation controversy, right-wing member, school violence controversy, Rising Sun flag controversy, plagiarism controversyㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even concert ticket controversy

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Can someone explain to whats really happening in the last comment?

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Member manipulation controversy = produce 101/48…its not member fault..its mnet and pd fault

right-wing member = they accused sakura bcuz shes an ex akb..its ridiculous cuz right wing hate korea and will never associate themselves with korea and lgbt lol

school violence controversy = garam duh

Rising Sun flag controversy = the 6th comment..well knetz are overreacting lol. Plus its not hybe problem since they didnt design that stage lol

plagiarism controversy = knetz become rosalia fans after anti fragile become popular lol


the excuses lol


Mf have some problem with lesserafim lol. Lesserafim will always be successful!


“its not member fault..its mnet and pd fault”

so please explain who benefitted from it? was it mnet? the pd? the contestant whose spot was stolen? or was is it chaewon who benefitted from the rigging?

do you really think mnet and pd would manipulate a show for unknown and random contestants for fun? lol they did it because the contestants’ companies probably paid them a ton of money to do it. mnet rigged the results but they weren’t the only ones involved. they took the fall because it was their show but that doesn’t change the fact that her company probably bribed them to rig the results in her favor.

the reality is that chaewon did not earn her spot in rigged*zone. she and her company STOLE another contestant’s spot in the group. a contestant who fought just as hard as her, actually had enough votes and support to win but ended up with nothing.

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Lol. You need to read the official case more. It was rigged from the start, so none of finalist is real. What did you want chaewon to do? Shave her head and kiss everyone feet when shes minor when that scandal happened? Shes talented and gain the most fandom in izone whether you like or not. Even during produce 48, her fandom is quite strong but they’re silent. Shes destiny to be successful. Go and support your flop and talentless idol then, loser! Chaewon will always be successful!


Of course mnet benefit from all of those duh. Those industries people have eye for talent and popularity. The proof are there..the most suspected rigged member is the one who can sing and have big fandom in both korea and japan lol. They earn those yen. Btw did chaewon and jo yuri need to quit their career or what when rapist, pedo and criminal are still thriving in the industry lol


Typical stupid fan sounds exactly like you tbh.

Everything is everyone else’s fault, my unnirs are innocent babies who don’t know nothing about the cruel world.


Seungri Oppa ❤️

Good thing for us Koreans General Public loves Seungri Oppa ❤️ so he’s never in controversies like those people from Hybe. As expected of YG.


how did you know they got the ticket for free? and also theres so many artists that also in that concert, how did you know if they got the ticket for free or not, theres so many artists attend that concert but only le sserafim got the hates.

whats wrong for doing tiktok they doing it for their promotion. And don’t fcking tell me that they upload a lot of video, bitch what about others tiktokers and other idols, they upload a dozens of videos but no one fking cares, and yet again only le sserarfim got these hates. If you don’t want to watch their videos, swipe it down.

Here we go again bringing about the rising sun issue that already been debunked, and gfriend been disband for 2 years just support the members and don’t use them to get hate.

plagiarism controversy you just don’t know what latin music works, you just hating the girls because they are successful, and you are not. and the right-wing member seriously this issue been debunked ages ago. do you even know what right-wing means and about the garam issues, she innocent. leave her alone.

You just can’t just accept the facts. because you want to find a reason to hate le sserafim. even though that reason is wrong/false.

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oh people fr miserable lmaooo


pann hate = successful


exactly, that’s why BP is posted on Pann and getting hate every single day


Knetz picking and choosing who they want to hold accountable for being controversial is obvious selective outrage. Midpink been controversial since the beginning and yet here we are


You never fail to bring up Blackpink in every post here. Keep going, stay miserable and obsessed.


You are the last whore that can talk about someone being obsessed. If I say BTS 3 times your ass will come from under my bed.

Fatpink are talentless hags and it needs to be constantly acknowledged, beloved. Don’t be mad over facts, bitch.

Last edited 3 months ago by Blinkpink

Calling BP fatpinks when you stan Beluga whale Sugar aka Shindong’s twin and anorexic Jimin who struggle to maintain 50kgs of his body weight. Not to mention he struggles to sing, bunch of fugly faggots and can’t sing.😭 Just check BTS posts here in Pannkpop, nobody is shitting on them, maybe 1 (sometimes) unlike BP where ratmys flock. Nobody is more obsessed of BP than you and Ladyboy Lisa.


Kakao is working harder to get these girls cancelled. The hate is so forced. Give it up


It’s called envy of girls who are doing their job very well. I’m glad they enjoyed the concert, they deserve it! 


the way those girls posted this video before the concert and quite literally had nothing to do with the concert in itself?? free le sserafim from these people and their pathetic hate train



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