LE SSERAFIM’s biggest weakness is that their visuals are vague

IVE Jang Wonyoung, Aespa Karina, NewJeans Minji, NMIXX Sullyoon
Thus, each group has at least one visual member, but LE SSERAFIM has no such member

Kim Garam was in charge of that role, but she left the group

LE SSERAFIM’s skills are the strongest in the 4th generation, but it’s a pity that Kim Garam left the group

[+257, -846]

1. [+291, -21] Do you really think Kim Garam is pretty…?

2. [+178, -73] The LE SSERAFIM members are all pretty but I’m a bit disappointed that they don’t have outstanding visuals. If Kim Minju had been there, their visuals would have been amazing

3. [+160, -348] Can Jang Wonyoung be called visual…?

4. [+158, -15] But LE SSERAFIM’s average visuals are good so it’s okay

5. [+120, -13] Isn’t Huh Yunjin the identity and visual of the group?

6. [+96, -56] Huh Yunjin is prettier than Ahn Yujin

7. [+62, -11] They have Kazuha

8. [+42, -3] ㅋ

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