LE SSERAFIM’s biggest weakness is that their visuals are vague

IVE Jang Wonyoung, Aespa Karina, NewJeans Minji, NMIXX Sullyoon
Thus, each group has at least one visual member, but LE SSERAFIM has no such member

Kim Garam was in charge of that role, but she left the group

LE SSERAFIM’s skills are the strongest in the 4th generation, but it’s a pity that Kim Garam left the group

[+257, -846]

1. [+291, -21] Do you really think Kim Garam is pretty…?

2. [+178, -73] The LE SSERAFIM members are all pretty but I’m a bit disappointed that they don’t have outstanding visuals. If Kim Minju had been there, their visuals would have been amazing

3. [+160, -348] Can Jang Wonyoung be called visual…?

4. [+158, -15] But LE SSERAFIM’s average visuals are good so it’s okay

5. [+120, -13] Isn’t Huh Yunjin the identity and visual of the group?

6. [+96, -56] Huh Yunjin is prettier than Ahn Yujin

7. [+62, -11] They have Kazuha

8. [+42, -3] ㅋ

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Imagine calling a group “weak” based off of the “visual” label. Shallow and pathetic. Next.


They aren’t. #4 has it right, their average is great, like they’re all pretty and visually striking in different ways even if they don’t have that one member everyone in SK gags over constantly. They’re a gorgeous unit.


idk, for me yunjin alone can be a visual.

She’s very outstanding among these visuals knetz talk about anyway

Plus yunjin-kazuha duo reminds me of sulli-krystal duo


Yunjin? 😭🤣 ive seen her predebut face


well if you want to include predebut pictures , then karina needs to be questioned too then according to your logic .

We’re talking about the present now , they said visuals , not faces that haven’t been touch by any knifes and needles

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And Winter too. I was so shocked to see her predebut pics


Rather have weak visuals than weak talents


OP is trying to sabotage Garam by mentioning her


Having only one “outstanding” visual is overrated tho…. I kind of hate always reading about only one person from the group, and most of the time it’s just about their visuals (e.g the four idols mentioned in the post). For example, I never really read much from knetz about how good Sullyoon’s singing skills are because they’re always overshadowed by comments about her visuals. I was actually shocked when I first knew that she was one of the members in NMIXX who can handle high notes.

I think not having only one “outstanding” visual in a group is a strength rather than a weakness. It’s good to have a group with a harmonious combination of visuals. Like, the visual you like in a group just depends on what type of visuals you usually like.

(NOTE: I’m also not saying that having only one “outstanding” visual is a weakness. I hope no one twists my words on this part.)

Berry Island

Isn’t Kazuha & Yunjin making a buzz for their beauties & charm? Especially Kazuha debut walking gif was such a topic.

btasssss smelly

“looks old”?? go say to the fadmys who think v rat & jin hag can compare to trans monkey lisa & long chin roje


What do u mean ‘weak’?? Kazuha is so pretty and very fresh visual with nice body among Gen 4.


Sakura looks old – when she’s barefaced in the camera you can definitely see the age difference between her and the others.

how can a 24 year old girl look old?
you sick...

yes kazuha looks so plain and bland. if i had to choose a visual in le sserafim , it’ll be chaewon. Literally the priettiest idol, and she also has a natural face unlike kazuha who got work done. Chaewon and eunchae are the only natural members in le sserafim not sure about eunchae tho


Who tf cares about visuals lmao. Look at NMIXX, sooo pretty and beautiful. Sullyoon is one of the leading 4th gen visuals. And yet, the group is not as successful as IVE, NWJNS or even LSF so what benefit do they get from the fact that they have a great visual hmm? Also they used to call BTS ugly and compares them all the time with SM visuals but guess which group is the biggest in the world? Leave Lesserafim alone.

btasssss smelly

biggest because of hybe payola

Lazy Banana



Hybe payola for THEE BTS? When BTS made Hybe? When BTS rose to fame without Hybe in existence? BTS got their daesang sweep BEFORE HYBE. BTS got their AMAs and BBMAs BEFORE HYBE. BTS was already Grammy-nominated BEFORE HYBE. Haters are so fucking dumb like yall not even trying atp lmaoooooooo. No wonder your favs are flopping cause yall have stones where your brains should be so how tf could you make your favs successful lolololol. Gtfo stoopid.


Because their songs are way too experimental. If they went with Public-friendly songs, they would end up the same level as NJ


Kpop isnt real bc why tf their faces is the detrimental factor ???? They make good music and thats all that matters


How do you know if a group’s popularity is growing? When people talk about a group not having a specific member as a visual, and that’s the only criticism they can make, because their skills and music are good, then you can clearly tell that Le Sserafim is becoming more popular. Congratulations girls!  

P.S: All the members of Le Sserafim are beautiful. 


I don’t have anything against wonyoung but cmon now she literally shaved half her face and they act like she’s that superior natural born visual.
Le sserafim are all pretty and most importantly all talented, that’s the only thing that matters


This HAS to be a troll post.


Who is that bloated looking thing besides Yunjin in the last comment?


lol they sold 800k with their latest comeback. i’m sure they aren’t worrying about not having the ‘visuals’

No name

Can we take off this visual tag seriously. It just spreads insecurities not only in regular teen girls but also in female idols in some way. You cannot expect every idol to be bold as Hwasa and accepting and ignoring the haters words. Like wtf is visual. Every other girl is a visual on its own. Like can we stop with this who is more pretty and who is less pretty nonsense.


At the end of the day, visuals does not guarantee success or prove one’s talent. There’s plenty of pretty girls and guys who get by only because of their visuals.


I think all of them contribute to the visuals on the group, kazuha is elegant, yunjin is hot, sukura has timeless visuals, chaewon in pretty and eunchae is the babiest of all.
Rather than a weakness, i think that haven’t *one* visual is better group wise.
And let’s be honest, lsf is one if not the best performers 4th gen idols, that’s what should matter the most. Why would I care about visuals if they can’t even move so not to look ugly

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btasssss smelly

kazuha the literal goddess over there amongst the surge of plastic monsters. no wonder those bitchless koreans got killed on halloween. deserved for being blind 😻😻

btasssss smelly

“weak visuals”<<<<<actual talent— unlike flopive & ntanked


Yunjin is prettier than Yujin its true.


on produce 48, when the trainees voted for top 11 visual members, yunjin was ranked higher than wonyoung, yujin, chaewon and sakura.. no 1 & 2 were yiren & minju

I wonder why yunjin’s visual is not more popular… is it because she’s a foreigner?


Because hybe doesn’t market them like “1 outstanding visual”..they’re all pretty and talented and promoted like an all rounder group


garam has been out of the spotlight for months and is just a regular commoner now the way everyones constantly bringing her up is weird and obsessive


Or maybe, they just didn’t market (a.k.a brainwash) their visual as much as some other grps did.

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