LE SSERAFIM’s live encore stage on The Show

1. Kazuha’s voice is good, Chaewon’s voice is stable

2. It’s like friends singing together at the karaoke room

3. If that’s okay, how low are the singers’ standards?

3. Only Chaewon and Eunchae are good

4. I thought Huh Yunjin would do well, but I was surprised

5. Chaewon’s stability is crazy

6. They did better than other groups I’ve heard before

7. Just looking at this video, it seems that no one other than Kim Chaewon can be called a singer

8. Kazuha is better than I thought, Chaewon is really good

9. Kazuha did better than I thought

10. Everyone is fine except Sakura

11. Sakura can’t sing

12. Eunchae did better than expected

13. The Japanese members are so bad… Is it because of the pronunciation? Chaewon is good

14. Eunchae did better than I thought

15. I think Eunchae would do better if she practiced more. I think Chaewon is the best, but it seems like she doesn’t have many parts

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