LE SSERAFIM’s live encore stage on The Show

1. Kazuha’s voice is good, Chaewon’s voice is stable

2. It’s like friends singing together at the karaoke room

3. If that’s okay, how low are the singers’ standards?

3. Only Chaewon and Eunchae are good

4. I thought Huh Yunjin would do well, but I was surprised

5. Chaewon’s stability is crazy

6. They did better than other groups I’ve heard before

7. Just looking at this video, it seems that no one other than Kim Chaewon can be called a singer

8. Kazuha is better than I thought, Chaewon is really good

9. Kazuha did better than I thought

10. Everyone is fine except Sakura

11. Sakura can’t sing

12. Eunchae did better than expected

13. The Japanese members are so bad… Is it because of the pronunciation? Chaewon is good

14. Eunchae did better than I thought

15. I think Eunchae would do better if she practiced more. I think Chaewon is the best, but it seems like she doesn’t have many parts

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The hate train against Le Sserafim continues, but if they weathered the storm when the Garam happened, they will be able to handle this too, I wish the best to this group of girls, they are talented and above all I am very hardworking, they will do well.


what hate train are you talking about?

hybe media plays the fuck out of them and give them titles like “monster performers”. they lipsync in every performance, sit during performances and still don’t sing live, they have members who have been in the music industry for over a decade, they have members that were already in multiple other groups and have years of experience, they have a classically trained opera singer and a professional ballerina.

everything about them sounds amazing on paper but then you watch them perform and it’s just the same lipsync k-pop performance we know and get from 1000 other kpop groups. they aren’t rookie idols that are beyond any criticism and negative feedback.

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spicy spice

talented? lol. their fans uses everything to normalizing their lipsync habit. you guys are stanning a dance crew atp lmao.


Real question wtf happened tto Yunjin? Isn’t this the same girl who was doing musical theater opera in her school? Do their vocal cords fry as soon as she joined HYBE?


thank you!!

i thought i was the only one. the live performances i’ve seen of her have been shit but according to her fans, you can’t criticize her because she’s a classically trained opera/theater singer. ok but where?


yunjin kinda ass


No shade but this song is not that hard to sing and they’re not even dancing. They’re just standing there, struggling to stay on pitch. And the way they yelled that chorus… tone deaf.


You’re right I really hate that yelled during chorus


How has Sakura been an idol since 2008 and still can’t sing or dance better than a trainee?

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Sakura doesn’t have proper training until Hybe and looking at their documentary they don’t even train her fully in singing. Their focus is on dancing, but I could be wrong all I can sing is she can sing better than that, she’s just so nervous and did not breathe before singing.

I mean CW is the only one who sings well at that encore the rest are off-key.

Lesserafim are yuck

Huh Yunjin is a nasty army and Karma is a bitch

stank crass coochi

damn btich why your coochi stank like that


Chaewon is the only one that can sing in this group


Only chaewon can sing and she had the least lines? Yunjin, sakura and kazuha sounded nervous. Eunchae is in the middle, not too bad but not good.


they all sounded ass

Seungri Oppa ❤️

they look untrained maybe God Seungri ❤️ can teach them something like how he teaches Big Bang members, all thanks to God Seungri ❤️

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