LE SSERAFIM’s pictures at ‘UNFORGIVEN’ comeback showcase

1. They are all tall and pretty

2. The outfits are simple and pretty, and Chaewon’s hair is perfect

3. They’re all pretty, but they haven’t changed much in their hair, so it’s not fun at all ㅠㅠ

4. Wow, Kazuha’s abs are amazing

5. Chaewon’s hair is perfect

6. Kazuha is the center

7. Everyone is tall and pretty

8. Kazuha is so pretty

9. Sakura is so pretty

10. Look at Kazuha’s abs

11. These days, I really like Huh Yunjin

12. Manchae is so cute

13. They are so pretty and skinny

14. What’s up with Kazuha’s clothes?

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