Lee Gikwang, born in 1990, got many responses saying that he looks like a 4th generation idol on Music Bank today

The video is dope

The dance is crazy too

1. Even in the 15th year, it’s great that he continues to work hard and manage himself well

2. Your face is my pride, Gikwang-ah

3. The face and body are good, but the dance is even better

4. No, he’s so handsome

5. He’s the king of self-management….. I went to the fansign for their first album when he was in BEAST ㅋㅋㅋ He still looks the same

6. 34 years old???? Daebak

7. He looks like he was born in 1999

8. I’m the only one getting old

9. No, Gikwang’s self-management is truly amazing. How has his body not changed since his debut? He’s the king of self-management

10. Am I the only one getting old?

11. I can’t focus on the song because I’m looking at his body

12. Wow.. He’s not getting old, he’s getting more and more handsome

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