Lee Jong Suk went to IU’s concert yesterday

Lee Jong Suk went to IU’s concert yesterday

It seems like they’ve been dating for over a year and a half now

Next to Lee Jong Suk is his best friend, actor Shin Jae Ha

1. The fans were also surprised, there was no other picture besides that blurry picture

2. Are the two of them close friends?

3. His skin was white so I could see him clearly

4. Wow, how could you recognize him? The quality is really very low

5. Wow, it’s even more amazing that Lee Jong Suk and Shin Jae Ha are close friends

6. I’m jealous of Lee Jong Suk!!

7. They seem to be dating in silence, they are a beautiful couple

8. Hul, I’m so jealous of Lee Jong Suk

9. Even though the quality is low, it’s Lee Jong Suk

10. Is Lee Jong Suk filming his next drama? He always hangs out with Shin Jae Ha

11. I’m so curious, I need high quality photos

12. I really like this couple

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