Lee Jun Ho and Yoona are dating?

[Exclusive] Lee Jun Ho ♥ Im Yoon-ah are dating… From ‘sweet couple’ to real lovers

An entertainment industry insider recently said, “Lee Jun Ho and Iim Yoon-ah dated before filming JTBC’s Saturday drama ‘King the Land’, and that’s why they collaborated on this work.”

1. Hmm…Why can’t I believe this…?

2. If the two of them are dating, congrats, but they’re not the type to act together just because they’re dating

3. If I were them, I would turn down this drama… The two of them look so good together, Lee Jun Ho has never been caught up in dating rumors

4. I do not think so

5. It’s weird to admit this, and it’s also weird to deny it, but what is this reporter doing while the drama is airing?

6. What?????

7. No, I can’t believe this..

8. What is happening??????

9. Really? congrats

10. Why are they publishing this article while the drama is airing?

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Seungri Oppa ❤️

it should have been Lee Jun Ho woth Seungri Oppa, or Yoona with Seungri Oppa. they don’t fit each other except with Seungri Oppa.


Jun ho has a story like a loser character in dramas getting popular. 2pm and snsd were close. But nickhyun and taecyeon were the most popular among the girls. Now he lost weight, pulled drama and getting popular


yeah. he was kinda a dark horse in their group’s prime but now he’s the most popular one


Why? What happened? Please tell me


When 2PM was popular, junho wasn’t very popular, nickhyun and taecyeon were the most popular, they even shot commercials with yoona. At that time, yoona taecyeon was like the lead


2pm men look really really good. Especially these three. I always thought Taecyeon was a male model until I began to know about him through twice cause same company.
But they seriously look very good. Jyp need to debut men like 2pm once again. It was like their thing and I can hardly see it now.


Well they just denied it. Kind of bummer. But it’s their choice at the end. Would have been such a beautiful couple tho.


is their drama not doing well or why are they posting these cringe dating rumors?

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