Lee Jun Ho and Yoona are dating?

[Exclusive] Lee Jun Ho ♥ Im Yoon-ah are dating… From ‘sweet couple’ to real lovers

An entertainment industry insider recently said, “Lee Jun Ho and Iim Yoon-ah dated before filming JTBC’s Saturday drama ‘King the Land’, and that’s why they collaborated on this work.”

1. Hmm…Why can’t I believe this…?

2. If the two of them are dating, congrats, but they’re not the type to act together just because they’re dating

3. If I were them, I would turn down this drama… The two of them look so good together, Lee Jun Ho has never been caught up in dating rumors

4. I do not think so

5. It’s weird to admit this, and it’s also weird to deny it, but what is this reporter doing while the drama is airing?

6. What?????

7. No, I can’t believe this..

8. What is happening??????

9. Really? congrats

10. Why are they publishing this article while the drama is airing?

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