Lee Soo Geun gets angry at Kim Heechul “TWICE can’t appear on Knowing Bros because of you”

‘Knowing Bros’ Lee Soo Geun gets angry at Kim Heechul, “TWICE can’t appear on Knowing Bros because of you”

1. The fans will be upset

2. I hate it so much, even the production team didn’t edit it

3. ‘Knowing Bros’ that used to be fun is no longer fun

4. No, don’t mention it again. Why are they always like that?

5. I’m not even a fan of TWICE, but I hate it so much……. They’re so rude

6. Why are there so many rude and ignorant celebrities on TV these days, young or old?

7. It’s not fun and it’s rude

8. Even after they break up, you keep talking about it..?

9. Wow, I’m not a fan, but I hate it so much

10. Don’t cross the lineㅋㅋ

11. That’s why celebrities shouldn’t reveal their relationship

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Jon Xina

Ugly old cunt


OT but your username is funny af


This show seems desperate, not even edit this part out

But I wasn’t done

I don’t get the outrage if it’s true


even as a fan of a another girl group, i still wish this show gets cancelled soon.

i’m tired of watching nasty, unfunny old men making young female guests uncomfortable 🙄


One of the reason why i stop watching is because Sangmin will always asked female idols about which members would they date. Imagine middle age man asked teenage/young adult that questions. Yes. He add “We have the same age”, but that didnt make it less creepy.

Last edited 10 months ago by Popoapoo

It’s time they stop mentioning twice altogether. Cause it’s only gonna make things more awkward and nothing else. Yeah it was a public relationship. So what? It’s been over for about a year ago. And if it’s already been made clear to them so many times that onces are not liking this “joke”. Why are they still pushing it? Jihyo and Daniel also was in a public relationship too. But I haven’t seen Daniel making any statements or even concealed comment about jihyo in any way. Btw it’s Korea not America. Ppl were being mad at ryujin too for only clarifying a joke made about crush and joy and that comment was sent from a fan. And here momo and him are not in a relationship anymore. It’s like ppl already forgot twice members and especially momo was very uncomfortable when the mc of an award show kind of made a joke towards heechul and momo. Also I have never seen Heechul making any joke towards momo. It’s always ppl around them. Maybe they should control a bit on their mouths. Cause at the end of the day they are the only one getting hate.


Fans already criticized them before. So, i dont get why they still mentioned it.


as long as you’re a man in k-variety, you can act like a complete asshole and hide behind the “it’s comedy. it’s just for fun” excuse

comedy and fun for whom? because it feels like the only ones laughing are always the male hosts while the recipients aka young female idols always end up being the butt of their “jokes”


it’s giving obsessed and bitter…

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