Lee Soo Man and SM artists pray together during SM concert

1. It’s just that they want to do well together before the big concertㅋㅋ Why are you guys so sensitive?

2. It’s funny how someone who causes money and real estate trouble and is wanted by Interpol prays like thatㅋㅋㅋ

3. Except for Lee Soo Man, the others are like believers…

4. Am I the only one who thinks they look weird…?

5. Isn’t Lee Soo Man no longer related to SM? What is your title?

6. They just want to end the concert safely, don’t attach too much meaning to it

7. Seriously, I can see the singers closing their eyes and bowing their heads very seriously

8. But they didn’t even say amen, it’s like let’s do well before the concert

9. Just praying for safety before performing, nothing special

10. They can pray, anyone can pray

11. Is Lee Soo Man a pastor?

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