Lee Yoo Bi’s Instagram is being terrorized by malicious comments from a certain fandom because of dating rumors

1. There are dating rumors?? I didn’t know

2. There’s no difference between domestic and foreign crazy fans these days

3. That fandom again

4. Are the two of them dating? Why are they cursing at her??

5. I feel bad for Lee Yoo Bi..

6. I didn’t even know there were dating rumors… Since the fandom is big, I guess there will be more crazy fans in the fandom

7. What??? I didn’t know.. This is my first time knowing about the dating rumors through this post

8. Whether they’re dating or not, why are they criticizing her?

9. That group’s fandom only harasses female celebrities with dating rumors

10. I think I’ve seen something like this before, but are they still cursing at her?

11. Who is she dating? Jungkook?

12. But aren’t Hollywood couples good at dating in public? Why are foreign fans angry at the dating rumors????????

13. I didn’t even know there were dating rumors

14. That fandom is always like that

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the rumour is still going around?


literally nothing happened after the sojan video in 2021 and the refutation of bh, but the haters continue to pretend that there is something between them


no, there has been new alleged evidence a couple of months ago


I’m in jungkook stan twt on a daily basis and i never heard about these rumour.. this fandom is uglu


There’s a side of kpop twt called lurktwt where they gossip about kpop idols, usually get their infos from snooping around k-fans and k-sites and they sometimes talk about jk and yubi and also they know about song leaks of some of these idols way before, know who these idols dating etc


help this screams jobless💀
I guess kpop ain’t about enjoying music anymore


Leave jk alone and women that try to hint they are dating deserve hate


Delulu ugly karen oppar not gonna date you


The fact you care abt him is funny af. Go to your fav article and leave him alone


Hehehe there is one here who think she has chance for oppar hihihihihi


Certain fandom? You can just mention them ratmy


My gripe with this grown ass woman is what she submitted for a damn charity auction at 29 years old



Knetz aka korean kpoppies are acting they are okay with this fake dating rumor but if its true that this girl is dating jk, they will started to send hate to both jk and this girl. Just like what happened with lee seunggi and this girl’s sister. They will claim that jk are supporting this girl’s family crime, bla bla


But im not saying that what army did to this girl is okay too. This rumor is obviously fake


we are surprised? It is NOT something normal of ARMYS


It is normal to all others. Army always dont know when huge part of the fandom are toxic af


There were rumours about him?? Lol this fandom is good at concealing controversial shit about their favs from jimin to jk both are fandom babies


Where are you all this time tho? There is many article abt them on both pannkpop and pannchoa. Even that b1tch sojang make a vid abt both of them. Just bcuz you didnt see it, doesnt mean it never happened


there’s always rumors about Jungkook dating the whole idols industry, maybe your favs included, are you new?


If dating is controversial then jennie gotta be put to jail for her crimes

Teenaged puppy

These are trolls or 12 year old fanatics. No cares about this girl


Idc if jk date, fuck or marry with girl/boy but I hope not this girl…just look what happened with lee seunggi..but at the end, its jk’s decision to decide who is his partner…i will support him no matter what


“I don’t care bla bla bla BUT….”
You care. Don’t lie. Jk can date a terrorist and you shouldn’t care~


Seriously a terrorist? Thats mean we should care and criticise him. How come a unicef ambassador dating a terrorist…he deserve a critism. Same goes to other idol if they date criminal/terrorist. Bts is not special..they are human and they should never do that thing. Just bcuz you stan them, doesnt mean you need to ignore those thing


Terrorist? Whats next a criminal? Thats something that deserved a critism. How come you didnt care? You are the type who like to excuse idol’s mistake even though that ‘mistake’ is horrible


kinda weird ig armys know about it , only specific side of kpop twt that often talks about it and there’s no recent gossips about this yubi jk since last month up until now so bringing it up now doesn’t make sense or did they just find out



Truth speaker

It’s like 5 years difference. Why are they acting like she’s decades older. Most of these fans are most likely 10 years younger thank him if anything if they think a 31 year old is 40 and a 26 year old is a baby

Last edited 7 months ago by Truth speaker
Tim G

I don’t know much about bts but why they mad if he dating? Like if he don’t want her ill take her. She mad fine 🤚😩


Try tinder tim


Take her and live with her family’s blood money…the money from their victim. Many of them even commit a suicide. Both of his biological father and step father are criminal. Even her mother is defending her father. And this girl and her sister are showing off the luxury item and their overseas trip when their father’s trial was going on


I totally forgot about her. Ig army’s are weird and many trolls are there too


they definitely dating tho, there’s too many coincidence and the rumors is quite big in korea even youtuber lee junho who usually bring real tea saying they’re dating too
and bighit didn’t even deny their relationship this time when the evidence is more clear this time around


it’s possible that they’re dating but big hit didn’t deny it again bc by denying it for a second time they’d just bring more attention to it. also initially big hit didn’t even respond to the rumor, they just denied it after her side denied it first

but she wants to make it obvious lol


1000% all written by SEA fans. The dumbest and most deranged of them all.

Like Crazy

blonks trolls cosplaying as Armys


They must be the same fans who delivered food to Jungkook’s house.


That fandom? Mention them straight away. ARMY. They are toxic, no need to hide, say it out loud


You are just same


None of us even know about these rumours lol


Instagram Armys do know, they are terrorizing her comment section


again the same? who cares lol this are akgaes not fans lol or just account made for this specific reason


You are delusional to think only akgae and shipper will behave like this. Army are just same lol


😂😂😂k netizens used to hate this girl because of her family but suddenly now they are defending her???? lmaooo


You think they’re knetizen? What if it was other members solo fans or akgae. You they have secret gc to attack other member as well aka pjms


Just because theyvspeak English doesn’t mean they are westerners. SE Asian army and really… interesting

Lesserafim is yuck

Once jk finishes his trans formation i don’t think you’ll be bothering her anymore. You’d probably burn all his shit. Thanks for making this easy for him/ her swarmy

King kook

You seriously think jk looks tran? Whose next Rm? 💀

Lesserafim is yuck

No he looks like an underdeveloped turtle man. Fuck bts… fuck Hybe fuck lesserafim


From how derange jungkook stalkers are if this were real there would be solid proofs already


They did it with taehyung before and now jungkook when the rumours is not even that bad. This are mostly shippers bcs i was in their gc once and they always share this thing. Its so embarrassing

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