Lee Yoo Bi’s Instagram is being terrorized by malicious comments from a certain fandom because of dating rumors

1. There are dating rumors?? I didn’t know

2. There’s no difference between domestic and foreign crazy fans these days

3. That fandom again

4. Are the two of them dating? Why are they cursing at her??

5. I feel bad for Lee Yoo Bi..

6. I didn’t even know there were dating rumors… Since the fandom is big, I guess there will be more crazy fans in the fandom

7. What??? I didn’t know.. This is my first time knowing about the dating rumors through this post

8. Whether they’re dating or not, why are they criticizing her?

9. That group’s fandom only harasses female celebrities with dating rumors

10. I think I’ve seen something like this before, but are they still cursing at her?

11. Who is she dating? Jungkook?

12. But aren’t Hollywood couples good at dating in public? Why are foreign fans angry at the dating rumors????????

13. I didn’t even know there were dating rumors

14. That fandom is always like that

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