Lisa and V pole dancing at CELINE’s After Party

1. V and Lisa are both cute

2. I don’t know what it is, but it looks so interesting..!!

3. Seeing the title, I thought they were dancing togetherㅋㅋㅋ

4. V looks like an elementary school kid playing at the playgroundㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They are so cute

5. V’s smile is so cuteㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. Lisa is so good at dancing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Look at V’s face, he’s so cute

7. Lisa is so hot and V is so cuteㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. The two of them have different vibesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So cute

9. Is V not dating Jennie but just a close relationship?

10. V looks excited like a kid

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Taehyung should leave BTS. He doesn’t suit to be a member of BTS. He is ruining the image of BTS.


If bts was with him they would get drunk together now stfu


No they wouldn’t do such stupid things. They would rather stay at their respective hotels than to stay drunk in a public place.


And it shows how much you know about bts he is the 2nd lightest drinker and they all drink and have fun just go and cry in the corner


What do you know? You don’t know anything that they do. Stop being a bitch


touch some grass annie. bts don’t need you AT ALL. stop acting like your opinion matters to them lmao you’re not important at all


he’s a grown man we can tell yall are friendless


I have my friends with me. We are thinking about each other with everything that we do. We are not careless and stupid like Taehyung.


U r a jimin stan so focus on ur tax evader


thinking about eachother in everything we do yikes are you a leach or having illusion your oppa is your friend what a dumb ass


Just stfu. U r rightly down voted. Oh forgot u r a pjms n jikooker n just cux ur fav is not in the limelight or getting invitation or offers by anyone. It wasnt even a pole dance but a cute spinning around looser


your Vapping druggie fave was in the club surrounded by naked women doing sexual shit everywhere get over ig


y’all pjms are miserable and always in th business since jimin is giving y’all the silence treatment. Tae living and enjoying while y’all stay CRYIN about his whereabouts


At least our fave is not an attention seeking druggie who will do anything for some spotlight. Its what happens when you have no talent


Using vaping as a drag y’all definitely not more than 12yo. Tae isn’t a druggie where did that even came from, making up shit for no reason lmao. And how is that doin sexual shit ?? He was just spinning around on a pole 💀 y’all are so stupid


Act as if you didn’t see all the naked women humping on the stage floor LMAO pathetic


he vapes and his voice is still fucking beautiful 😻


Focus on ur tax evader jimin btw Tae got the most offers nnstill getting be it brand ambassador, musical from american renowned composers, grammy winners n yeah Tae trended at wwd no1 for 7 hrs with 5 top hstgs wwd n wd 24M+ mentions. Nd what he was doing was spinning around while laughing so get ur eye sight checked jimin stan


HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH you wish Taehyung had half the success Jimin has with his solo songs. He’s talented, a main dancer and lead vocalist and a beat on stage unlike your lazy mediocre fave who all he does is fake chewing gum on stage


Tae and jimin would spit at both y’all comments like why are u dragging the other best friend what a fake fan

just lurking

23 year old Jimin was drunk surrounded by escort girls clubbing in paris 3 years ago.
22 year old Jungkook went to a nightclub during the pandemic after he pretentiously asked his fans to stay at home he was criticized by the gp and got 50K signature to revoke his cultural merit award.
26 year old Tae drunk and wild in celine after party.

Which one of these is the worse?


”escorts” 💀💀💀💀 Jimin was with his friends just playing drinking games while your vaping druggie fave was in the club surrounded by naked women doing sexual shit everywhere. He’s as disgusting as you

just lurking

I’m a rapline stan

Legend bitch

U want him to act like a 3y/o good kid?


do you remember the last time your precious Jimin was alone in Paris? Homie got so drunk he was obliterated in a club (in public!!!) playing forehead flick with random girls. He was also videotaped without his consent. Let’s not be a hypocrite.


Yeah, Jimin was with his friends just playing drinking games while your vaping druggie fave was in the club surrounded by naked women doing sexual shit everywhere. He’s disgusting


boohoo 😢 u are so jobless. It’s extremely funny seeing pjms like that seriously 😭 tae just living his life and here comes his second fandom crying. Y’all r balls deep into his business smh


Your attention seeking fave so sad he has no talents so he has to do shit like that to stay relevant


they been relevant everywhere, even in that thick skull of yours bitch


Just to remind you BTS hate you


it’s time for you to go to bed child


Shut up. Who are you to decide that, he’s just having fun like any ADULT. You can’t control him and you’re not his parents or anything. You’re just irrelevant and you’re immature. Grow up


If he really cares about his BTS members,he will not do this pole dancing while being drunk. The worse thing is he was drunk in public.


You expected to see negative reactions but when you found none you decided to be the one. He’s just spinning in circles around a pole so calm down


Some are afraid to comment because so V stans and Taekook stans are toxic.


Oh a pjms n jm stan r really toxic like u


With a men under him and he is drunk.


U r drunk for sure. He was just spinning around

just lurking

There are negative comments about his “snob” behaviour and having a celebrity disease

Last edited 7 months ago by just lurking

an adult drinking what a shocker 😲


and the fact they are behaving like this that a KOREAN is getting drunk that whole country has a culture of drinking like no tomorrow and the fact he is one of the members who drink the least.


He’s gonna do weed next

just lurking

Taehyung and Jennie really suits each other living the lifestyle of rich, famous, wild and crazy


Why are all the solos foaming their mouths in the comment section- my God 😭

On another note, if the rest of BTS would’ve been there they would’ve all gotten on the pole at some point lmaoo I’m glad Tae had a lot of fun.


it’s hilarious how they act like pole dancing is some sin LMAO
just saying any sht to hate on him don’t they think of their own personality’s image?

just lurking

Because V, JK akgaes and taekookers drag jimin back then for doing the same thing and their k-akgaes trended jimin leave bts 🤷 on the other these jm akgaes are just setting their fave once again for bringing this issue back coz everyone has forgetten this


They are not even that drunk


These Annie and Sandra aren’t even BTS or solo stans, just pretenders


I am an ARMY but disappointed with the different issues Taehyung is facing nowadays. From that fucking Jennie issue down to this one. I am not a blind fan just like all of you.


Lmao this definitely a blonk pretending to be an army


ok pajama go do your homework or your momma is not gonna give you dinner


There should be an age limit for those who will make comments. What are these comments? Did I have to see comments from envious, toxic, delusional people?

Karina rocket puncher

Lisa looks like a cheap thai stripper ew

grow up

are you like a 5 year old kid or something lol


Kim Taehyung is the least member of BTS that drinks alcohol but when he got to Paris,he looks wasted. What happen to him? I thought he is allergic with alcohol. So all along while he is still active member of Bangtan,he is just pretending not to care about alcoholic drinks? Stop degrading Jimin and Jungkook here because they are not the one who looks like a stripper in Paris and do the pole dancing together with a man.


please fix your grammar. also, he’s a goddamn adult and doesn’t need little shits like you telling him what to do.


I am just concerned about the reputation of Bangtan. He keeps in ruining it.


He keeps RUINING it. Also, we don’t need your concern. Go take your nosy comments somewhere else.


everyone fcking pressed all sound so dumb rn, they have no idea 😭
they’re in their 20s and can make their own decisions for themselves. if you’re thinking, ” oH My LisA aNd TAehYunG ShoUDlnt Be DoiNG ThIs”, stay mad <3

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