Lisa fans leave malicious comments on Leejung’s Instagram

Comments on Leejung’s Instagram

A post appeared last night when Leejung went to Coachella

She finally edited the text

I searched why they wrote such malicious comments and she received the choreographer award from MAMA for Lisa’s solo song Money, but she didn’t thank Lisa on Instagram..

1. Lisa’s foreign fandom is legendary, her Southeast Asian fans are really bad

2. Leejung choreographed the choreography and won the choreographer award, does she have to say thank you to the singer? It’s weird that they think like that…

3. It’s like Koreans terrorizing the Mermaid actress Instagram

4. Lisa is a talented and cool idol but why are her foreign fans so bad? I just feel sorry for the normal fans and Lisa;

5. I like Lisa the most in BLACKPINK, but I’m tired of her foreign fans

6. Why should the choreographer say thank you to Lisa? Why didn’t they ask Lisa to thank Yang Hyun Suk?

7. Lisa’s Money choreography became a hot topic because Leejung is so good, why don’t they thank Leejung?

8. Are they thugs?

9. BLACKPINK and Leejung are best friends and respect each other, but their fans are bad

10. Why is Lisa’s fandom always like that?

11. Leejung was given an award for her ability, so why are you criticizing her? ㅠㅠ

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