Lisa is the embodiment of BLACKPINK’s pride, her influence on BLACKPINK becoming a global girl group is huge

Main dancer Lisa who’s the embodiment of BLACKPINK’s pride

” It’s not a game since I never lose”

1. Even her rapping skills are the best for a girl group. It’s good that Yang Hyun Suk found her

2. Lisa is good at dancing and rapping, but she’s also good at singing ㅋㅋ

3. I see members like Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé more often on Instagram or outside activities, but just looking at the stage I fell in love with Lisa

4. Among female idols, Lisa seems to be the best dancer among female idols

5. I think Lisa’s influence on BLACKPINK becoming a global girl group is huge (everyone is nice, but when you watch their stage, Lisa is really outstanding and full of talent)

6. Seriously, if you look at the stage or dance video, you can see that Lisa is the best

7. She’s cool, she’s good at dancing, her gestures on stage are amazing

8. I think she’s the best among female idols

9.Out of all the female idols I’ve seen, she’s the best

10. Honestly, the part that I think is the best in the choreography video is Lisa’s part

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First article about Lisa full of positive responses by knetz! Guess her popularity in korea is finally growing. Loved her vocals in the happiest girl, wished they showcased more her vocals instead of her rap while for jennie they showcased more her rap instead of her vocals. They should make a switch in lines lol

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