Lisa seems to be so kind

I watched the YouTube video of her coming back to Korea and she must have been so tired but she greeted warmly. She even lowered her window at the end

Even during the Celine event in Paris, she kept smiling. Honestly, I didn’t think much about Lisa but I really liked her after this

[+792, -68]

1. [+413, -8] Just by looking at how she forgave her manager after coming to an agreement with him, you can tell that her personality is the best

2. [+330, -6] Lisa has always been like this

3. [+124, -1] I’m worried because she’s too kind… Because she’s so innocent and kind even outside of work, people like that manager will take advantage of her ㅠㅠ

4. [+95, -2] To be honest, this is normalㅋㅋ What is so hard about posing? But the reality is that there are many kids who aren’t normal

5. [+88, -4] I really think that there’s nothing to hate about Lisa. That’s why they always talk about ‘Southeast Asia’ and it’s hard to find anything to hate about her

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There seem to be more articles about Lisa these days. It’s good. I think the Celine event helped her popularity.

Even if we count out the absolute explosion of it on Twitter.


If you find her fancam videos, she’s just booming with sunshine and filled cheerful energy. I also don’t know how she get so much energy even after flying to Korea-paris, japan-korea-thailand in one week. i would’ve fainted and slept for a week lol.


she mostly got hate just because of her solo stans I think, there’s really not any reason to hate her


keep going,lisa.goat

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