Lisa was spotted dating Frédéric Arnault in Paris

Lisa and Frédéric Arnault’s date in Paris

Wow, a video of Frédéric Arnault and Lisa dating..

Lisa looks f*cking pretty in that video..

I can’t believe that she’s dating the son of the richest family in the world..

Lisa looks so happy ㅠ

[+54, -17]

1. [+35, -13] They are dating well quietly. It’s not like Lisa was being careless while dating. As long as Lisa is happy ㅜㅜㅠ

2. [+28, -16] The fact that paparazzi filmed the video made me realize she was on another level… I don’t think she’s just a K-pop star

3. [+27, -5] Is there a reason why it’s always in Paris?

4. [+26, -10] I saw it on Twitterㅋㅋㅋㅋ Isn’t he a playboy?

5. [+19, -10] I don’t care. It’s fine as long as it’s not Jisoo..

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They’ve been dating for some time. He even follows her pets and mom on instagram. I don’t get why he would do that unless it was a one-sided crush.


He has being spotted at so many events with lisa. Its getting so obvious they are dating. Only fans seem in denial simply because they think fred is not handsome enough for her n they prefer their kpop male idols that they ship for lisa.


İsnt he handsome for Lisa? Fhhgg Lisa’s fans are stupied. Too handsome for Lisa’s face that she can’t go without make-up


Lisa’s fans think Lisa is a lesbian

Support trans Lisa

It is unlikely a conservative Korean guy would date a transgender. Her fans should be happy she found a guy who is so accepting.


You’re disgusting 😬


he also follows one of lisa’s thai friends


He follow ls everything that is related to her. Her pets account, fried, manager


Anyway, idk why they using the clip of that blue shirt guy when there is another one of pink shirt guy that lisa seem lean on to. Its 2 different persons n denial fans seem using that blue shirt guy clip to debunk the dating rumor.


Ok, he’s kinda ugly, but rich rich


Wow he’s dating thai ladyboy
Congrats both of you 🎉


the xenophobia is crazy…are you not ashamed?


Inggit ka lang 😂😂 paginggit pikit😂😂


a white man’s whore… just like her mommy

Ladyboy Lisa



Honestly, Asian women are the most desired women and White men are the most desired men. Statistics from dating apps back this up.

It makes sense that these two groups date each other at an abnormally high rate.

Both Jennie and Rosie should date White guys too.


Nice. She sleeps with the nepo baby and gets brand deals from his daddy’s companies in return


Gold digger


She has a Black card and has a net worth of 20M ….I think she’s good. Y’all acting like a woman can’t be friends with a man.. y’all are truly disgusting


Compared to him she is poor. And they are fuckin. Next


oh please, peoples net worth on the internet are nothing more but fabricated numbers. Nobody has access to the celebrities bankstatements. And knowing blinks and their lying ways, they definitely made up that rumor, so they can brag about it. Wouldn’t be surprising.


Baka ikaw gold digger inggit ka lang eh 😂


Elon Musk is the richest man in the world.
Arnault is the second richest.

Jennie is friend’s with Elon Musk’s babymomma Grimes.
Lisa is dating Arnault’s son.

Blackpink is truly a wall.

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Support trans Lisa

Wow, so happy for her. As a transgender, dating is probably a very difficult experience. She really is a role model for lgbt around the world.

blinks need to shut the fuck up actually

the way them dating was a known fact along people in the industry lol didn’t know whether to believe it or not since people are saying they’re dating cause he’s supporting her lifestyle since she has financial problems (exacting why it was quite unbelievable to me since she’s a blackpink member, but it looks like their managers and company might take much more from their revenue and earnings than I initially believed)

Last edited 4 months ago by blinks need to shut the fuck up actually

Armys stop being obsessed with the pinks challenge

blinks need to shut the fuck up actually

nobody cares about “the pinks” 🗣 hope that helps. they’re just the talks of the industry, one dating for money and the other setting new records as a yacht girl over a pathetic acting job lmao


the way your poor mother dropped your head and now it’s all nonsense and speculation


this is where you’re wrong. stop twisting completely unrelated issues to try to make her seem broke when she isn’t. y’all cannot say they’re privileged, spoiled and unnecessarily rich in one tone while saying groundless things. she trusted her manager enough to hand him money so he’d invest in real estate for her. he gambled almost 800k away. if that doesn’t tell you that she is THAT rich to simply hand 1 million to a manager (who most of the time don’t graduate college, run errands for idols and are underpayed literally idol babysitters) I don’t know what else will.

Ladyboy Lisa

This just explain all her brand deals 🥲🥲 such a shame


Worry about the 7 ladyboys at hybe instead


.B…bu…but BTS got the coveted McDonald’s happymeal deal!

wow. super cool.



Ikr. Really happy for ladyboy lisa. Only whites would accept her as trans


she’s just one of his sluts

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