Looks like female idols are getting thinner

The newer generation female idols all seem to be as thin as the “thinnest” member of these earlier generation idol groups

1. They’re saying something like this even when female idols are too skinny, but you’ll hear them mocking female idols when they gain a little bit of weight

2. Female idols must be thin and pretty

3. Honestly, I think idols are treated like playing with dolls, so it’s a bit weird

4. Because they judge the other members’ bodies based on the thinnest member

5. If female idols gain weight, they will be complained about gaining weight. If female idols are too thin, they will be complained about being too thin. Being a celebrity must be hard

6. These days, female idols must be skinny and have hot bodies

7. I thought the SNSD members were too thin back then, but now the female idols seem even thinner

8. They must be skinny and have abs now

9. These days, when I watch music shows, they’re all skinny, no matter if they’re male or female

10. It’s weird that the other members are judged on the thinnest member in the group

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the day we stop commenting on people’s body is the day we become a proper society


if they gain a little bit of weight they’d get hated on daily basis and then these knetz have the audacity to wonder why and to complain about this


le sserafim all look like body builders though


2. Female idols must be thin and pretty



Seriously thanks for saying that


3. Honestly, I think idols are treated like playing with dolls, so it’s a bit weird

I’d rather say DIGUSTING and SICK


are we surprised though? remember when itzy’s ryujin used to have one of the healthiest bodies I’ve seen on a kpop female idol and she used to be fatshamed and have trending articles telling her to lose weight on a daily basis? yeah.. this is the environment kpoppies created for these idols so idk why everyone still acts so surprised and baffled lol

Berry Island

I don’t think idols are getting thinner. If not, I think it is the other way around.
I mean have you seen how celebirites & idols were 10,15 years ago? Starving, being straight & thin like a stick was the ideal body type.


And yet, it’s true that idols do look better with less weight. Just look at Liz debut era compared to now. And that one chick from Nmixx. People hate to admit it, but it’s true. Maybe it’s a genetic thing, but because they tend to lack curves when a lot of them gain weight, it’s not really distributed in a flattering way as it would with Westerners. But either way, if you’re a celebrity, your image is important, and you always want to look your best. So long as it’s done in a healthy manner, I much prefer it when idols are more serious about their images than those who don’t take care of themselves.


when they gain weight people make fun of them ; and when they are thin they’re too thin??? what do you want from them….


2. Female idols must be thin and pretty



2nd gen idols were skinny skinny at least many idols today are skinny fit

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