“Looks like HYBE wants BTS to be exempt from military service” Netizens talk about BTS’ concert in Busan

BTS Busan concert.. The government confirmed to have sent emails to large corporations asking to sponsor the concert

The email was sent to the ten largest corporations in South Korea and requested that they participate in the event sponsorship

1. I wish the concert was cancelled

2. Busan city is the problem, but HYBE only cares about stocks and doesn’t care about BTS.. BTS, please leave HYBE

3. What are the benefits of HYBE? Why should they do it?

4. That’s why artists shouldn’t get involved in politics

5. Looks like HYBE wants BTS to be exempt from military service, that’s why HYBE is spending money on it????

6. I feel sorry for BTS, they should leave HYBE ASAP

7. BTS is so pitiful

8. Honestly, if I were BTS, I would never want to hold a concert like this

9. As a citizen of Busan, I’m really embarrassed

10. Why is HYBE spending money on this? What are the government and Busan doing?

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Comments are dumb asf. Hybe said no to busan. It was broight up to some of the members parents bc busan govt couldnt get in touch with hybe. They were cornered into this sht and now have to pay out of pocket for this bc the only reason busan pushed hard for this was so they could redevelop that empty glass factory land and neigjborhood. Now that plan is scrapped, they dont care about it.

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