Looks like Rosé will participate in Taylor Swift’s new album

Taylor Swift is working on her new album

In the most recent month, these people were seen with Taylor Swift at her studio

Hayley Williams
Sabrina Carpenter
Cara Delevigne
Gracie Abrams
Sadie Sink
Jack Antonoff
Margaret Qualley

Rosé was seen at Taylor Swift’s studio today

That’s Rosé

I’m so looking forward to Rosé to collab with the one top pop star queen

[+243, -60]

1. [+58, -6] I’m a fan of Taylor Swift and I’m happy that she’s working with a Korean singer.. I hope that she will become closer with Rosé and go to Korea ㅠㅠㅠ

2. [+47, -4] It was the release party for the re-recording of the 1989 album

3. [+42, -6] As a fan of Taylor Swift, I’m just gonna cry seeing that she’s becoming close with a Korean singer

4. [+39, -9] Whether it’s a collab or not, it’s great that Rosé attended that event

5. [+16, -1] Looks like she’s not working with Taylorㅋㅋㅋㅋ Taylor is famous for not doing collaborative features

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YG and their excessive mediaplay. I want to roll my eyes. Like..its not even happening, yet they already talked so big. It will bring shame to the artist iself, if it turns out to be hoax.

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