“Looks like she’s resolved to being obnoxious” Netizens talk about Jennie’s Instagram story

Jennie’s Instagram story is f*cking cute

Why is Jennie posting these kind of pictures on her Instagram story?

She looks like a teddy bear and is so cute. Her hair color suits her so well

I think she lost a lot of weight because of their comeback.. Her waistline is even smaller

[+203, -80]

1. [+47, -57] Aigo, the fans know that Taehyung’s nickname is teddy bear. Looks like she’s resolved to being obnoxious ^^…

2. [+43, -9] Looks like she dyed her hair and lost a lot of weight… She’s so cute and pretty ㅠㅠ She looks like a teddy bear, that hat suits her so well

3. [+41, -7] Her face is f*cking small and her waist is f*cking slim too. She’s f*cking cute, but when you look at her photoshoot’s behind cuts, she looks like a female warrior

4. [+23, -1] Because I’m trying to slim down my waist these days, so she’s f*cking amazing… It’s so small

5. [+22, -0]

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