Losing over 10 billion dollars over the past year, is HYBE in crisis?

Losing over 10 billion dollars over the past year, is HYBE in crisis?

HYBE’s stock is down 70% from peak to below IPO due to talk of no exemption/special service

HYBE wants to reduce their dependence on BTS, so they have been investing in AI and IT technology, as well as NFT’s

They just acquired Superton, an AI voice developer for 40 million dollars

Uncertainty over BTS’ enlistment has wiped over 10 billion dollars over the past year from HYBE’s market cap

HYBE has been entering various industries to reduce their dependence on BTS

Is HYBE in crisis?

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same thing said about other companies and they still standing strong so I think Hybe will be fine


other companies lost but not this much, hybe went from 414.00krw to 135.000krw in just 1 year, while other companies MOST lost profit is from 70.000-80.000 to 45.000-50.000 which means hybe lost 279-280k profit while other companies lost in their lowest time 25k-35k profit AT MOST , and maybe less than this?


well but like I said , this may affect them but I don’t think it’s gonna affect them that much up until the point they will go bankcrupt or something . Other companies got into huge scandal , people keep bringing up that the stocks going down but they are still here, aren’t they ?

other small companies like Cube or DSP where these two at one point before, people talked that they gonna be at the same level as BIG3 but they quickly dropped , it’s because they don’t have any strong successors under them to cement their position.

Hybe on the other hand , they are very smart , they utilize the BTS popularity and also the profits that they got to venture into other business areas, and also all these groups that they debuted also well received by people especially Newjeans and Lesserafim.
They know Japan love the idols under them , they made deals through Hybe Japan and &Team and LDH gg is formed.

Hybe groups or idols are doing well , either physically, digitally or both, they probably not gaining same amount of profits like what BTS bring to Hybe but they do very well in comparison to their peers / other 4th gen idols so I think they are far from being in a crisis unless they get another huge scandal hitting the company again

Logic Thinker

Logically is a situation all the companies are getting over also the ucraine situation then the death of the queen of England and the situation is not a problem.. people who don’t know stocks should not speak.
Obviously the bts hiatus hit them so bad but they knew that was a possibility.

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