Louis Vuitton ambassador BTS J-Hope’s first campaign pictorial released

1. Daebak~ As expected, because he uses his body well, these photos are art!

2. Wow, you can feel the elegant lines of Hanbok in Louis Vuitton.. Seriously awesome.. J-Hope is the best model

3. He uses his body so well. All poses are great

4. Hobi is so stylish and cool

5. It’s art because he makes good use of his body

6. Wow.. Louis Vuitton can be this stylish…. J-Hope is so cool!

7. Hoseok is so handsome

8. Louis Vuitton suits him so well, it’s so perfect

9. He suits Louis Vuitton best. Louis Vuitton clothes look good on J-Hope

10. Hobi is so good at using his body, he seems to be dancing

11. This is one of the few models that really suits Louis Vuitton

12. Hobi is so cool ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

13. He suits Louis Vuitton so well

14. Seriously, Louis Vuitton suits him so well

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