Louis Vuitton ambassador BTS J-Hope’s first campaign pictorial released

1. Daebak~ As expected, because he uses his body well, these photos are art!

2. Wow, you can feel the elegant lines of Hanbok in Louis Vuitton.. Seriously awesome.. J-Hope is the best model

3. He uses his body so well. All poses are great

4. Hobi is so stylish and cool

5. It’s art because he makes good use of his body

6. Wow.. Louis Vuitton can be this stylish…. J-Hope is so cool!

7. Hoseok is so handsome

8. Louis Vuitton suits him so well, it’s so perfect

9. He suits Louis Vuitton best. Louis Vuitton clothes look good on J-Hope

10. Hobi is so good at using his body, he seems to be dancing

11. This is one of the few models that really suits Louis Vuitton

12. Hobi is so cool ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

13. He suits Louis Vuitton so well

14. Seriously, Louis Vuitton suits him so well

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🤣🤣🤣 You must be here to joke around. So funny


We know it’s jimin not him


stop looking at the mirror, freak 💀


LV doesn’t want ex-convicts ❤ lmfao


Why are you talkinv abt your flop fav and yourself lol


King! Great to see a good news after all those bullshit hybe do for this past few days


I still cant believe hybe take 2 days to upload arson rock ver on soundcloud and they didnt even write ‘by bts jhope’. Fuck that useless comp…the issue regarding his documentary movie is more disappointing…and none of these suppose ‘ot7’ army big acc talk abt this shit thing..nothing surprising…both shitmy and shithybe hate jung hoseok the most


Why people downvoting you when its the truth? Oops army are embarrassed that their ot7 agenda is fake af lol


Fashion king




Omg, Hobi ate~ Whoever picked these poses have absolutely genius vision bc wow!


It’s jhope himself dude…he danced and they took pics. Praise him more

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Wow Hobi!!!!


What’s more in bighit draft???


The pics are amazing! J-hope needs to do more fashion campaigns in the future fr


You mean your talentless and flop idol?


Since they both are dancers im actually surprised that jimin’s fashion pictorials are so boring and he barely used his body like jhope did


Same. I also hate that he (and taehyung-for celine) chose that brand. Both of them can choose other and better brands..sigh…hope they’ll choose other brand in the future…namjoon, jk, yg and hobi suit their brand so much

WhatsThe Point

Honestly tae could have gone for ralph lauren and Versace. Imagine how sick it would be for his campaign at Versace to use the letter V


What’s surprising about that? Jimbo is the most boring fahsion & model wise, idk even who is more boring him or jungkook, they both only have hype from fans while if you look at them without purple glasses you’d see that both are boring af both in life in terms of style and at work in terms of modeling. I’ve been laughing so hard when amis have been complaining about Dior giving jimbo “boring monochrom outfits” cause problem wad never Dior, problem is the model, if Dior gave same clothes to Hoseok those clothes would be the most stylish coolest outfit from any event. Hoseok is miles ahead whole group combined in many things modeling and fashion included, no wonder brands have been fighting for him so hard.


you desperate bitches can never focus on your faves. always gotta have jimin&jungkook’s names in your mouths. can’t even take you lot seriously. bunch of freaks through and through.


Pretty sure you are desperate one here. And also you’re the one who cant focus on your faves since you are in jung hoseok article lol. And dont even act like you stan jk. Go watch pigmin article. Oops hes so ugly. Same as his music…his song and voice is horrible af

Last edited 5 months ago by Dove0903

you are the one desperate cause why are you even under Hobi’s article?)) yall leeches with your boring faves are currently trying to ride his djck on his viral tweet with LV campaign lol


Pigmin only. Jk is good


both really suсks at modeling, their poses are boring af


because fraudmin is boring af model, it’s a fact for everyone who doesn’t have purple cult glasses on. also you can’t compare them as dancers: Hoseok is not only miles ahead of him as dancer but he also can freestyle while fraudmin can’t, he can do premade choreo but suсks at freestyling so how can you expect for him to do impromptu dance on photoshoot set & to look good while doing that?)

WhatsThe Point

LV suits him like a glovee

Teenaged puppy

My bias wrecker ending your faves and he’s not even active iktr

Teenaged puppy

He = jizsoo

Your fav is ugly talentless and flop

Why are you talking abt yourself? This is jhope article not your fav. We know your fav is what my username is lol


Looking at these comments and the upvotes, the only thing I have to say is that it’s amusing how J-Hope’s solo stans are always crying about other’s solos attacking him and speaking badly about him just to turn around and do the same shit to the other 6, especially to the maknae line. Unprovoked.

The truth is that yall are a sick bunch of people who genuinely need psychiatric help and need to get out of the house ASAP instead of throwing pity parties whenever your nasty energy is being returned.


Im sorry but why pigmin solo stan is in jhope article lol. Pigmin solo stan are calling us a sick people? Lol. We can list all nasty thing yall did to other member

Rm- got angry when he post ig story abt pigmin album bcuz he wrote ‘i did some lyrics’ lol

Jin- they’re mad that jin called him pig when he also called jin a pig lol

Suga-they really called suga a hybe fav and always camping on suga achievements tweet

Jhope – got angry bcuz he went to dior show, release goodbye single, etc

Jk and tae – no need to say lol


Funny how yall’s only response to people calling your shit out is labelling them as solo stans of the members yall dislike. Genuinely go get a breath of fresh air. Sitting in your misery and living in your fucked up mind seems to have altered the way yall behave.

Funniest shit about this whole circus is the way yall behave as if the members you lot “stan” wouldn’t kick drop you for the shit you lot say about their members. Just delusional.


Why you suddenly act like you are ot7 lol. We know you’re jk and pigmin solo stan lol. Pigmin deserve all those hate. His ugly face and voice need to disappear. His fans really ask a tour and shading yoongi when he cant sing his song during encore lol


Calling me a solo for telling you lot off for name calling Jimin and Jungkook like actual children lol please get off the interneeeeet


Lol you are jimin solo stan. Everyone can see it. You seem to have a beef with jhope solo stan. Well you must hate jhope the most. Not surprised since its coming from jimin solo stan. Anyways stream astronaut


Yeah, yeah. Quit changing your name to other members as if that would make your point valid. Acting like a 10 year old kid at best. No wonder our fandom gets labeled the way it is when you freaks run around free, Jesus Christ.

Pigmin slutnie

Pigmin solo stan are excited in jhope’s article is more embarrassing


That’s your last resort? Laughable. Just like your existence.


Get another job other than being an ass licker, thank you very much. What a true Jungkook “stan” you areeee!!!! Defending the same person who was calling your supposed favorite names a few minutes ago. Clowns.


Bitch. Dont act like you care abt jungkook. Dont link fatmin with jk


Staying true to your “Jungkook solo that only comes here when it’s time to shit on Jimin but is nowhere to be seen when it’s time to defend him” persona. How unpredictable. Totally didn’t see it coming. Dumb twat.

Seungri Oppa

As non fans..yeah you’re solo stan lol

Pigmin slutnie

Pigmin solo stan are master in acting as ot7 lol


Fuck yall. Yes im jimin solo stan. You’re jealous that hes the most successful. Unlike leeches kook. He cant survive without charlie oppa. Same as leecheshyung and leecheshope. They always trying to steal jimin’s moment but always fail lol. And who care abt fatga. Jimin can do stadium tour unlike fatga


Looord… When I told you that mental illness is actually incurable… I’m begging you once again, get off the internet and get the psychiatric help you clearly are in desperate need of.


So all you once again you need to get treatment bcuz after those treatment you will see that why jimin is the best unlike your flop fav


You genuinely don’t see how sick in the head you come off? Genuinely? Commenting under all sorts of names wasn’t enough for you psycho, now you’re trying to make it seem as if I’m shading the members… All that because I dared to CALL YOU OUT on your hypocrisy? Seek help.

Pigmin slutnie

Pigmin solo stan are camping on jhope article and mass downvoting a truth are more obsessed lol


Ewwww pretty sure fatmin solo stan are the one who attacking jk the most


Here comes the Harvard graduate


And dont use jk name again, pigmin stan. We know you use jk name to gain a sympathy lol


Ikr. Why suddenly they act like they’re victims when they’re attacking every members. And then they’re acting clueless why everyone hate pigmin and his ugly fans lol


Bla bla. Dont waste our time. We know you’re pigmin solo stan


Girl if you don’t fix your grammar before trying to pretend you’re me..

Mental asylum escapee getting ate up for being a hypocrite and then resorting to insulting and name calling the members it supposedly stans. Over being called out. Psychiatric help is much needed.


Love that magenta fit on him


Damn the upvote. But i noticed that now that jimin fandom are trying to downvoting all comments related to jimin lol


Jimin is army fav lol


Its great to see bts fans fighting but the most hilarious one is uglymin fandom lol. They’re really desperate like their uglymin


Pigmin stan are downvoting the truth statement lol


Why people act surprised with transmin fandom? Taehyung’s existence is enough to make they go crazy lol

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