Lucas seems to be resuming his activities

Lucas seems to be resuming his activities

1. Both he and SM are amazing

2. Even foreign fans don’t like him

3. He’s already left NCT, right?

4. What’s surprising is that he doesn’t think about giving up being a celebrity… Whatever, as long as he doesn’t get involved with the other members, he should do something else instead of being a singer

5. It’s hard to compare him with Chanyeol

6. Does he still have fans????? SM is also amazing

7. SM is so stupid

8. He left SM, right?

9. As expected, SM is the ba$tard

10. Wasn’t he sentenced to prison? How does he do his activities?

11. Who likes him?

12. Anyway, he will be active in foreign markets so it would be great if he could earn a lot of foreign currency

13. Hmm, where does he plan to promote as a solo artist?

14. Looks like he won’t be promoting in Korea

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