Netizens are against Lucas who left NCT to debut as a solo singer in April

[Exclusive] Lucas, who left NCT, will debut as a solo singer in April

According to many music industry officials on the 8th, Lucas will debut as a solo singer in April

1. Does he have enough skills to leave everyone and go solo..?

2. I hate it so much

3. Is he working in Korea?

4. Why Korea?? Can’t he work in China??

5. It would be great if he released a duet with Taeyong

6. Is he good at dancing and singing? This is a member who only has his visuals

7. In Korea??

8. Does SM have a lot of money?

9. Lucas, I’ve been waiting for you. I hope you will repay me with good songs in the future

10. SM always embraces criminals

11. He’s not even Korean, so why are they so interested in him?

12. Why doesn’t he work in China?

13. That’s why people leave SM

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