Lyrics written by BTS Suga about military service

Lyrics written by BTS Suga about military service

“Woo woo, we’ll be sure to go to the military when it’s time, so
All the bastards who tried to sell our name to freeload off us, shut up”

1. I’m not a fan, but BTS always says they’re going to the army, so stop criticizing them

2. I heard that BTS will make the decision based on the opinion of the agency, but I know that HYBE wants them to be exempt from military service, right?

3. I saw the lyrics for the first time and I was surprised that he wrote lyrics like this

4. Was he born in 1993? But he hasn’t enlisted yet…

5. Wow, looking at the comments here, I can understand why Suga wrote the lyrics like that

6. So when is that time?

7. But isn’t he exempt from military service because he had shoulder surgery?

8. At least this member will definitely enlist

9. It would be better if he didn’t write lyrics like that and just went to the army

10. I don’t know about the other members, but Jungkook seems to want to go because of his personality, and RM seems to want to go because he’s a man of principles

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Cringe cowards. Always say we will go to army but their age is 30 already.


Keep crying about it 🙂


I am not crying. He is crying cowards.


Ok and you’re worried bc???


I am not worried. I am just drop a fact.



アグネス ⁷

What to do? The pathetic SK government still can’t find the replacement for BTS, no one is good enough to be BTS replacement, so the government keep postponing their enlistment.
Can’t your fav group take over BTS throne? So my boys can have a rest and don’t do anymore shit for their pathetic government.
If you can’t, just shut up.


They can only join the army, it’s that simple. Why are they waiting for the government?

アグネス ⁷

Have eyes? Read my comment carefully

Last edited 5 months ago by アグネス ⁷
But I wasn’t done

Them going to the army will do what for you? Your flops will still flop whether he goes or not tbh


But are they going tho… or continue hiding like cowards behind their company 🤣

アグネス ⁷

Company is the one who need them, they need to debut some more groups to cover the loss if bts enlist later. Company is the one who hide behind bts, all the time. Pathetic.

But I wasn’t done

Jealous because the same government you’re dick riding gave them deferments because of the great success and exposure they give to Korea. Maybe if your flops were valuable to Korea they could defer as well and you wouldn’t be so mad perhaps 🤔


Bts is flopped babe. Yet to come is flop. Accept the fact

But I wasn’t done

Your faves wish they could flop like ytc be so serious


Cyber bully fandom is at it again


Yeah the biggest bully dick licker armys. Keep riding oppas dick

But I wasn’t done

Y’all so bitter that your groups will never be BTS. Not one. I know it keeps you up at night

Logic Thinker

They go when called… if they government gave them a postponement until 30 they will go then

then the lyrics were for when 16 agencies without big hit asked for exemption using bts name… to help also with their idols.

Last edited 5 months ago by Logic Thinker

Lmao they are on hiatus been in and out of the country and why can’t they be inside of the military instead? Especially that talentless jin, his absence is not gonna be noticed at all istg


bts who did more work than active groups even though they were on hiatus at the time. The untalented Jin just won an individual award the other day at the fact music awawere go and cry harder🤡


Hybe paid the way wbk


Music award?? Bfrrr that boy can’t sing at all 🤣


no matter what bts do, they get criticized. yoongi already confirmed it himself & the group, so why continue to bring it up?


Jealousy is a disease. I’m gonna support them no matter what they choice. Because they are not in kpop they are just the most successful group in the world that’s it 😘

Last edited 5 months ago by Love7
WhatsThe Point

They have said multiple times they’ll go when it’s time, the time hasn’t come yet. The govt gave them a deferment of 2 fcking years.


as usual everyone has their eyes on bts. how sexc.

But I wasn’t done

#10 is silly. No one “wants” to go to the military. Low key dragging the other 5 members to support government war crime organizations. The bar in hell for kpoppies and knetz

Sangeeta Kujur

ARMY is going to support BTS. Jealousy is a Disease for Haters. But we will show you how to love your artist..

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