Magazine editor accuses Bang Si Hyuk of stealing her concept for BTS ‘HYYH’

A Twitter user claims her creative work was stolen

It’s called HYYH

1. Wow, this is really shocking…

2. It might not be fair that there was no compensation, but didn’t she agree that she would give him advice on ideas?

3. But wasn’t that album so successful? Someone else’s idea?

4. HYYH???? Oh crazy….

5. You can use the advice as a reference. But if you commercialize it and it becomes a big hit, you should make an official offer and use it as a service, or at least don’t say ‘your ideas’ in the media

6. Now I know why Bang has such an inferiority complex. Of all the things that are known he did not do it himself

7. Whether past or present, Bang can’t do anything without plagiarism. Life is really easy

8. Bang Si Hyuk is not a producer, he is just a politician

9. Wow, Bang Si Hyuk seems to have nothing of his own

10. Bang Si Hyuk, what is this? Go out and explain

11. No, but what did he do without hiring an art director?

12. Was HYYH this person’s idea?

13. This person is uploading it to Instagram

14. It’s true that ‘Project 1945’ is exactly what K-pop needs

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