Main vocal idols who can even dance well

Big Bang Taeyang

SNSD Taeyeon

SHINee Jonghyun

EXO Baekhyun

BTS Jungkook


Seventeen Dokyeom

Seventeen Seungkwan


NCT Haechan

1. Jungkook is good at everything

2. Rosé dances so well

3. Jungkook sings well, dances well and has a pretty face

4. Taeyeon dances well

5. I love Jungkook’s dance

6. Taeyang, Jonghyun, Jungkook and Rosé aren’t even dance members

7. I agree

8. WJSN’s Yeonjung is also good at dancing

9. Our Rosé is so talented

10. Baekhyun-ah

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Taeyang isn’t dancing line? He is main dancer and main vocalist. And Jung look? He isn’t even comparable to other main vocalists mentioned here, his skill isn’t good enough if put into other groups


What makes you think taeyang and rose are better singer than jungkook lol. Yg stan are delusional. Also taeyeon should not be here..her dancing is so so. The rest including jungkook are the one who fit the description


WTF why are dragging rosé when she wasn’t even mentioned. Obsession with rosé is real

It is what it is

It’s about YG stans that believe their groups have singers lmao
Just remembering how Junsu walked over Taeyang on their singing battle


Oh I remember that piano battle so well. Taeyang himself looked embarrassed to be there on stage next to Junsu lol his voice cracked, pronunciation was out, wrong lyrics, etc.

d d

Rosé is mentioned in the article though

anyway Baekhyun and Haechan are both so talented


F(x)’s Luna? Twice’s Jihyo?


Sistar hyolyn too

It is what it is

hyolyn is such a queen, main dancer, main vocal


I did remember she had a few rap lines in one of her songs and she did quite well. God literally gave all the talents to her.

damn right

she’s also a sweetheart, god bless her


Crackśe sneak


I hope you get sued bitch. Pathetic loser

Ladyboy Lisa

Rose??? 😂😂😂 Should’ve add Jihyo, those concert clips and her fancam are crazy

It is what it is

Jihyo has such a presence and fierce movements

Teenaged puppy

Tranśe only good at waxing Jeremy’s balls wbk


Jungkook is in vocal line, dance line, rap line, maknae line and visual line. The only line that he cannot join is the hyung line 😂

It is what it is

omggg so true! jk golden maknae, ace and all-rounder for a reason

It is what it is

I think it’s unfair to put Jonghyun, DK and Jungkook with others, they can easily be main dancers in other groups.


TAEYEON????? As an og gen 2 stan and ex soshi mega fan not sure I agree? Taeyeon has no energy and poor execution to choreo, her charisma carries her. Did Jihyo, Luna and Hanni dirty by not including them though.


Jihyo >>>>>>>>

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