Male idol songs released in 2022 that I found because they said “Male idol songs are not easy to listen to”

ENHYPEN – Polaroid Love


Seventeen – Darl+ing

DKZ – Cupid

NCT Dream – Beatbox

TXT – Valley of Lies

BTS – Yet To Come

ONF – Your Song

WINNER – I love U

1. I love TREASURE ‘DARARI’ so much

2. I like ‘Polaroid Love’, I still listen to it these days

3. This is my first time listening to an ENHYPEN song, but I really like this song

4 .I really like ‘Polaroid Love’.. I know the group through that song

5. I’ve been listening to TXT’s songs lately, and I like all of their songs, so I’m so interested in them

6. I listen to all female idol songs, but only fans listen to male idol songs, muggles don’t listen to male idol songs

7. I like ‘Polaroid Love’ and ‘Beatbox’

8. WINNER’s songs are always good

9. Well, male idols have a lot of good songs too

10. I really like ‘Polaroid Love, I listen to it every day

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