Male idol who was spotted at a nightclub

“Taehyun-ah, isn’t it fun to hang out with girls at the club? He went to the club right after the fansign ended… The next day he went to the US but he was so tired that he didn’t greet the fans at the airport”

1. No, I’m not a fan… If you’re an adult, can you go to the club…? Was it the problem because he was hugging a woman??

2. He might go to clubs because he’s an adult, but the fans might not like it

3. Wow, the video is shocking.. I almost became a fan because I like TXT these days, but I’m shocked that Taehyun is like that

4. Idols are adults too, so they can go to clubs

5. He can go to the club, but it’s crazy that he has so much skinship with a girl he just met for the first time

6. But why didn’t he even wear a mask?

7. If you want to live like that, why did you become an idol?

8. We can’t trust the image of a celebrity

9. I really feel sorry for the fans who spent money on him

10. Seems like a lot of male idols go to clubs and dance with girls

11. But who took those pictures? I’m just curious… Is it a sasaeng?

12. Of course it’s not a crime, but he doesn’t seem to care about the image of an idol

13. You can go to the club, but you accept the disappointment of the fans

14. The fans will be shocked

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You invade every idols privacy at airport and then get sad ? Just don’t Stan them . We support them don’t worry😂

Color color stan

It’s funny how people are getting mad about this lameass video, this has gotta be the most boring club scene i’ve seen like there is literally nothing going on. jennie’s club videos were so much more fun but this is just meh 🙄


are u sure you had fun watching jen’s videos, you mostly sounded mad but idk🤡

Color color stan

Ofc i had fun laughing at miss seoul cycle dw 😉

Logic Thinker

What if the girls are his friends? Like most of the time I went to clubs I had some male friend so other males wouldn’t try to bother us…

btw it’s incredible they want them to not be normal people? Surely nothing about this is weird and HYBE is really giving them freedom to be idols but also humans, not problematic people.
That’s why… I don’t understand.
Like y’all the only crime was how “dead” the party was ☠️

It seems fans are not even bothered about this .

Last edited 7 months ago by Logic Thinker

3. Wow, the video is shocking.. I almost became a fan because I like TXT these days, but I’m shocked that Taehyun is like that

Dramatic asf


I mean his bais is jungkook 🤣 and we know what kind of parties jungkook attended to 🤣 the type with lot of ladies dancing 🙊 wearing🚫

Last edited 7 months ago by BlinkPink
Color color stan

Lol they got nothing on the parties cokesé attends 🙊 and don’t forget miss jennifer grinding on married men at a club 😉

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