Male idols who have fancams with over 1 million views this year

BTS V (over 2 million)

BTS Jungkook (over 2 million)

BTS Jimin

Stray Kids Lee Know

Stray Kids Hyunjin


Seventeen Jun

2PM Junho

DKZ Jaechan

1. V is daebak right from the thumbnail

2. Jungkook is so handsome

3. I watch a lot of fancams of V and Jungkook

4. V’s thumbnail is so pretty

5. Jaechan’s views are ad views, but why is he there?

6. Junho performed well on stage

7. Jungkook is so pretty ㅠㅠ He’s a stage genius

8. Look at V and Jungkook’s faces

9. V seems to be really good on stage

10. Jungkook is pretty, V is handsome, Jimin is cute

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I always enjoy watching jungkook fancams, he’s a great performer 😍

Teenaged puppy

Taehyung: stage genius and fancam king

But I wasn’t done…

Vminkook dominating as they should. Hobi should be here too because his stage presence is amazing

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Agreed. I saw Hobi in Chicago a few years ago and he became a bias wrecker that night.


when it comes to fancams nobody can beat Kim Taehyung he is so good at stage I want to watch it over and over again, even when they promoted proof with no choreo his fancams are still so fun to watch seeing him do cute little things but when he is dancing those are real treat I cant count how many times I have watched his ytc busan fancams


The akgaes and anti got mad with this one. You right tho, Taehyung is an amazing dancer and performer. Down votes are salty


ppl can downvote it all they want lol tae will still be one of the best performers to exist, he is not only good at dancing, and singing but is very captivating on stage be it with his expressions, gestures, adlibs when you see them dancing as a group your attention is drawn towards him, like recently run bts how he was raerly in center a lot of times in the back yet everyone’s eyes was only on him, he was the talk of the town for weeks. Jealous bitchs can go cry while tae will continue to capture many heart through his performance


the testimony was received and verified


I love watching the individual fancams of BTS members.


Solo stans and akgaes are a waste of oxygen and should just disappear honestly. You are making zero points with your bellowing and bitterness. You know who you are.

My BTS boys killing it with their performances, that’s right!

for real

wow didn’t expect that it will be jun from seventeen


My favorites are jhope and Jimin fancams , they’re just born to be on stage even with no choreography
but when they dance same
choreography in a different styles , I know that I will watch them 100 times

Jj dw


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