Male idols with shocking visuals when they just debuted

NRG Noh Yoo Min

Click-B Yoo Hosuk

TVXQ Kim Jaejoong

TVXQ Park Yoochun

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong

Super Junior Kangin

2PM Nichkhun

Infinite L


WINNER Kim Jinwoo

Seventeen Vernon

NCT Taeyong

Astro Cha Eunwoo

1. L is so handsome

2. Kangin, D.O, Kim Jinwoo, Vernon, I didn’t know they had shocking visuals when they just debuted

3. Kangin? D.O? I don’t know much about 3rd and 4th generation, but I disagree with anyone but Eunwoo

4. For me, it’s EXO’s Suho

5. I bet I can’t empathize with D.O. and NCT Taeyong ㅋㅋ

6. L is seriously handsome, Cha Eunwoo is just a legend

7. I don’t know much about male idols, but L’s aura is crazyㅋㅋㅋ

8. Except for L and Cha Eunwoo, I can’t agree

9. ??? Did a fan of D.O write it?

10. D.O….? Is D.O the visual of EXO?

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For suju it’s absolutely not kangin. Yes he’s handsome but when suju debuted, people always talked about kibum, heechul, and siwon.


Oh yes Heechul! On their debuts days he had long hair and looked like a princess


Kim Jaejoong, the visual shock of all generations


L my man will never out of this visual discussions, he is the visuaL


Agree with Nichkhun and Jaejoong!


Looking at Kim Jaejoong, it’s obvious that Lee Soo Man is still trying to find her doppelganger, you can see various SM idols that resemble that face, without quite being able to replicate it. türkiye

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